Saturday, October 3, 2015

SPX vs Turbo Cycle Projection

Calculated and charted with Timing Solution

The Sea Mingled With The Sun

"Et j'ai vu quelquefois ce que l'homme a cru voir."
"And sometimes I had seen what man thought he saw."

Math for Mystics

The Pythagorean Definition of God

St. Bernard of Clairvaux: "God is breadth and length, height and depth."

SPX vs JUP-SAT Cycle

SPX vs Astrometric Indicator

SPX vs MER-VEN Cycle

SPX vs Declination of MER + VEN

SPX vs MER-MAR Speed Differential

SPX vs MER Speed

SPX vs Sunspots

SPX vs True Lunar Node's Speed + Eclipse Crash Window

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Contrarian Riddle

The one sentiment reading that is NOT contrarian just turned bearish
(above 50 = bullish, below = bearish) ...
Source: Market Vane via ‏@Not_Jim_Cramer
... while FT covers like this one reliably show up
when market bottoms are close-by or already in.

Monday, September 28, 2015

The US Economy Is Doing Great!

Credits: FRED

Yesterday Sunspots Increased = Today Market Should Decline

However, the daily sunspot number reached a 2 year high (154) while the SoLunar Map signals an upturn in the stock market (see also HERE)

Cosmic Cluster Days in October - November 2015

Upcoming Cosmic Cluster Days (CCDs) are:
Sep 30 (Wed), Oct 02 (Fri), Oct 07 (Wed), Oct 11 (Sun), Oct 24 (Sat), Oct 26 (Mon), Nov 01 (Sun),
Nov 03 (Tue), Nov 04 (Wed), Nov 19 (Thu), Nov 21 (Sat), Nov 26 (Thu), Nov 28 (Sat), Dec 02 (Wed).
Previous CCDs are

SoLunar Map for October - November 2015

A Low in the SoLunar Map frequently is a High in the Stock Market and vice versa. Inversions occur. Upcoming turn-days are:
Sep 28 (Mon), Oct 01 (Thu), Oct 05 (Mon), Oct 09 (Fri), Oct 13 (Tue), Oct 16 (Fri), Oct 20 (Tue), Oct 24 (Sat), Oct 28 (Wed), Oct 31 (Sat),
Nov 03 (Tue), Nov 07 (Sat), Nov 11 (Wed), Nov 15 (Sun), Nov 18 (Wed), Nov 22 (Sun), Nov 26 (Thu), Nov 30 (Mon), Dec 03 (Thu).
Previous SoLunar Maps

SoLunar Intraday Maps - October 2015

The charts show the hourly solunar forces over Wall Street. Intraday movements of financial markets are strongly influenced 
by daily and intraday solunar forces. They usually closely follow their direction - either directly or inverted. Turning points can
be fine-tuned using the previously described planetary hours as well as the times of rising, culminating and setting planets.
Please note: The times calculated refer to EST (not EDT).

Nothing Endures But Change

Credits: Michæl Paukner