George Bayer

"I remember reading George Bayer’s book Stock & Commodity Traders Handbook of Trend Determination. In rule #2 he states that when Mars and Mercury has a speed differential of 59 minutes we are due for a down trend in wheat. Of course, he was right. That blew my mind because as a counseling full-time astrologer since 1965, I never ever conceptualized  using astrology in this manner. But it did help me to change my astrological mind set."
Alphee Lavoie (2006 - HERE)

George Bayer was a financial astrologer and trader who made market forecasts during the same time as W. D. Gann. He was born in Germany and moved to the USA just after 1900, fulfilling the American dream of becoming a very successful trader in the speculative markets of New York and Chicago.

His highly original mind singles him out as one of the 20th-century's investment giants. He was the first to apply other astronomical parameters in forecasting financial markets. He introduced a method of Horoscope analysis known as the Five Fold Horoscope and claimed that astrological progression of the moon over the points of such a horoscope produced vibration in the price of a stock or commodity. 

His forecasts are documented in his Market Previews, and he published a total of 8 books, all in English, and all on trading stocks and commodities: Time Factors in the Stock Market - 1933, Complete Course of Astrology - 1937, Bible Interpretation - 1937, Stock & Commodity Traders' Handbook of Trend Determination - 1940, Gold Nuggets for Stock & Commodity Traders - 1941, Egg of Columbus - 1942, Turning Four Hundred Years of Astrology to Practical Use - 1943, George Wollsten - 1946).  

Stock & Commodity Traders Handbook of Trend Determination (1940) is an excellent introduction to the methods used by George Bayer. It lays the ground work principles in fairly simple terms which will assist in understanding his other works. Through George Wollsten, an invented hero, he presents a wide-ranging exploration of chart analysis enriched by a deep understanding of practical market operation. His imaginative account guides the reader through Wollsten's fictional existence, examining, explaining and putting into context each of his character's investment decisions or financial commitments. 

George Bayer (1940): Stock & Commodity Traders’ Hand-Book of Trend Determination. Secrets of Forecasting Values, Especially Commodities, Including Stocks [51p.]. This is Bayer’s latest work which is directly focused upon giving a set of clearly defined trading rules Fro traders to apply, using his astrological indicators and ellipse. Contents: The Foundation Upon Which We Build Our Rules of Forecasting Movements of Commodities & Stocks; Additional Fundamentals; What The Ancients Knew; Charts; Trading In Commodities; Astronomy For Traders; Rules For Trading In Wheat; Hides & Stocks; 11 Rules For Trading In Hides or Stocks; Rules For Cotton, Lard and Stocks. Declination, Heliocentric; Direct Motion of Planets; 80 Year Cycles; Rules and Use of Ellipse; Latitude & Longitude both Heliocentrically & Geocentrically; Speed Differentials of Planets; Right Ascension & Declination; Daily Variations; Motions of Mercury, Mars, Venus, & Saturn; Neptune; Perihelion and Appehelion; Conjunctions; Effects of Zodiacal Signs; Parallax; Retrograde Motion; Detailed Trading Rules Using These Principles. Rule #17, for instance, deals with Mercury at 15 Leo and 15 Aquarius: "Mercury reached 15 Leo on August 7th, 1939. The positions of the other planets on that day were as follows: The Sun at 3 Virgo; Neptune at 22 Virgo; Uranus at 21 Taurus; Saturn at 1 Taurus; Jupiter at 7 Aries; Mars at 24 Capricorn; Venus at 0 Virgo. Here is the rule: as Mercury keeps on going through the zodiac and passes the places of the other planets given above, we get changes of trend. The first place Mercury crosses is the Venus place at 0 Virgo which was on September 7th, 1939, and was that a top! The next place Mercury meets is Neptune's place of 22 Virgo which occurred on October 19th, 1939. We had gone down before that day for five days as may be seen when consulting the wheat chart. The immediate effect was one day run-up of 5 points! The next place is hit by Mercury on January 20th, 1940 which was a Sunday. It passed the old place of Mars, 24 Capricorn. The 19th, i.e. the Saturday, was a top."

George Bayer (1941): Gold Nuggets For Stock & Commodity Traders [69p.] This is a more philosophical presentation of Bayer’s vision of the markets and the science or art of Financial Market Forecasting. Rather than delineating sets of trading rules or explaining technical astrological processes, here he is explaining the foundations, sources and philosophy of his techniques and theories. It is an exceptionally interesting book, essential for understanding this “Paradigm” of Forecasting, as used by Gann, Bayer, Baumring and the like. And easier read than most of Bayer’s books more similar to “George Wollsten.”  

George Bayer (1939-40): Preview of Markets, Vol. I, Nos. 1-10.[120p.]. This collection contains 10 issues of Bayer’s Market Monthly News Letter, filled with market monthly analysis and forecasts of stock and commodity markets, as well as fascinating astrological, philosophical and cosmological articles and numerous diagrams. A rare and very important collection of Bayer’s thought. Contents: Relationship Between Hebrew Letters & Wheat Movements; When it Rains, It Pours; How To Build a Trading System; Making Graphs for Stocks & Commodities; How A Trader Can Stay in Business; Grain Movements; Protecting Accounts; Many Thoughts Loosely Connected; Planetary Motions; Market Forecasts; New Discoveries; What Value Have Old Things?; Let’s Reveal The Truth; Food For Thought Taken From 1001 Nights; Let’s have the Truth; We Live In A Funny World; Worth Knowing; Research Conclusions; Spend Your Own Money; Happiness, Health & Money; Planetary Motions In Relationship to Sun; Planetary Longitudes & Latitudes; Tops, Bottoms & Gaps; The Sun & Market Movements; Sun Cycles; About Bocaccio’s Decamerone; Who Made The Latin Language?; About Commissions In Commodities; How To Lay Railroad Tracks in the Heavens; The 5-4 3-3 Method, Defining Tops & Bottoms With a Mechanical Device; Hints on How To Analyze An Individual Stock; About Al Koran of Mohammed; The Caterpillars In the Market.  

George Bayer (1946): George Wollsten: Expert Stock & Grain Trader [239 p.]. A Very Entertaining Autobiographical Novel, Similar To Gann's Tunnel Through The Air, Developing Bayer's Theories of Financial Market Forecasting & Cosmology, In Story Form as He Discovered Them. Bayer Is The Most Important Forecasting Author After Gann, & This Is His Most Important Work! Contents: Economic Conditions in 1907; Grain Prices; Horticulture; Agricultural Year Book; Graphs & Plotting Commodity Prices; Old Books; Sepharial< Key To Market Operations; Silver Panic of 1893; George's Approach to the Markets; George's Analysis of Market Movements; Dow Jones Averages; Caterpillar Movements; 2 & 1/2 "Time & Times & Half a Time"; Gaps in Price Structure; "Rattles of the Rattle Snake"; Cycles; Stories From Bible; & Year Indications; Astrology; American Ephemerous & Nautical Almanac; Charts of Planets' Paths; Degrees of Motion; How To Plot Planets; Mercury Heliocentric Motion in Longitude; Deductions From Plotting Planets' Paths; A Major Discover - The Crossing of Saturn & Jupiter By Mercury & Market Turning Points; On Geocentric Positions of Planets; Heliocentric Planetary Positions; From Plutarch's Lives; Puzzles of Nature; George Goes to NY To Trade Stocks & Grains; The Ellipses; Herschel's Astronomy; The 71 Degree & 78 Degree Angles; The "Jiggle Line"; Puts & Calls; Bids & Offers; Discovery of the "Polish Ellipse"; Application of The "Polish Ellipse"; The Pit At Chicago; Saturn - Stock Movements; Wheat Movements; George The Astrologer; Final Adjustment of "Jiggle Line"; The 123 Degree Angle Within The Ellipse; General Rules on Bull & Bear Movements; Switching Wheat Options; On Hedging; Half-Way Points Between Jupiter & Saturn; Advanced Trading of Grains & Stocks; The Horse-Whip; Squaring The Circle; Practical Rules on Trading Therefrom; Recognizing Adam & Eve & the Baby in Patterns; Shifting of Ellipses; Assortments of Stocks; Planetary Positions 1943-1947; Sample of the 5-4:3-3 Computation; The Six-Inch Ellipse With Half of Nine-Inch Inserted; The "Polish Ellipse" Showing bottom & Top Laying; Original Pattern Used To Discover The Squaring of the Circle; Short & Quick Construction of Squaring of the Circle; Wheat Daily High & Low Range Charted for 1901-1911.

Since 1932 the author has published four books at intervals dealing with trading of Stocks and Commodities. Unfortunately, much of their contents had been presented somewhat hard and difficult to the average man even to those with a college education. This time the entire problem has been remodeled, many parts eliminated as too complicated, three new ideas added which so far had never been alluded to anywhere. It is those three ways which are bound to give confidence to any trader, that put him far ahead of all others who just buy or sell on statistics, economic or other bases. Everything brought in this book is "home grown". The charts supplied for checking commitments as well as those produced with the aid of certain rules explained therein cover the period 1909-1911 inclusive. The previous books covered periods of 1928 to 1944. Therefore a period of more than 30 years have been used to show that the rules work in any period, past or present; they should work in the future in the same way. Hints are given to delve into ancient books of the dark ages after the study of this book has been completed to discover that they all have been written on the same subject - cycles and time.

From The Synopsis: In rapid succession, to everybody's surprise, he (George) finds important rules for use in practical of wheat, as well as of stocks. Each trade commitment he explains carefully why he makes it, why he enters it and why he closes the deal at this time and at no other. Traders and Customers' Men are carefully analysed. Many mistakes by traders are brought forth how to avoid them. Two full years of trading are gone through. His original capital had increased from $750 to several thousand in spite of a few errors of judgement that were bound to creep in until rectified by additional useful rules discovered in the course of time. Among the unusual side issues he discovered how to square the circle, something that even the Encyclopaedias state is impossible. He shows how he did it. hile the story itself is interesting, the main subject "how to trade and avoid all the pitfalls of the Pit and of Wall Street" is developed slowly without complicated explanations. Everything is worked up naturally, just like the normal person would go about taking a walk up a mountain - to success in Wall Street and in the Pit.

George Bayer (1944): Turning Four Hundred Years of Astrology To Practical Use & Other Matters [184 p.]. Numerous Diagrams. Bayer's Next Most Important Work After George Wollsten. An Important & Insightful Analysis & Synthesis of 400 Years of Astrological Tradition With An Intent Towards Application to the Financial Markets. Contents: Stars; Fixing Star Positions; Latitude & Longitude; Astronomers; 5-fold Horoscope; Prime Factors; Siderial Time; Midheaven & Ascendant; Radix Horoscope; Siderial Time; Pluto; Transits; Artificial & Natural Decans; Mundane Horoscope; Progressed Moon; Rotations of Planets; Transits Over Ascendant; Trend For Grease Wool; Stock & Wheat Horoscopes; Stock Market Horoscope; Uranus Tables; Mutual Aspects in Stock Horoscope; Planet Progressions; Forecasting Trends In Stock Market; Harmony of Leaders; Practical Application of 5-Fold Horoscope In Market; Wheat Horoscope; History How The Time Was Attained; Comparison of Stock & Wheat Horoscopes; Venus Transit Over Ascendant for Wheat; Ellipses; Advanced Astrology & Philosophy; Languages; Clefs in Music; Greek Alphabet; Adam & Eve; Bible; Commodities; Patterns In Price Charts; On Paracelsus.

On page 128, for example, we read about Venus Transits Over Ascendant For Wheat:
"Check any year for which you may have a chart for wheat and see what happened when Venus in the sky passes the Ascendant of the January 2nd, 1587 chart. If you use the 1941 chart and think clearly, you will find still a greater law right within this one which gives you nine times out of ten the actual direction wheat must take from the moment ephemeral Venus strikes 22 degrees 4 minutes and 17 degrees 24 minutes of any sign. It will pay you to work an entire year on this secret, although some may find it by just sizing up the situation.

Let us look at the 1940 Wheat Chart! Venus passes these critical Ascendant points 22 degrees 4 minutes and 17 degrees 24 minutes in that year on February 2nd, bottom; February 14th, Bottom; February 27th, intermediate Top; March 11th, Top; March 24th, Top; April 7th, bottom; April 22nd, extreme Top of the move; May 9th, (Wow! Top! Ready for the burst); July 1st, Bottom Was this rule worth while to get my book to find out what the study of Astrology can bring forth? Use this rule, of course, in conjunction with the progressed chart for Wheat the way I showed in the Wool example and you will produce astounding forecasts. 

George Bayer (1937): Bible Interpretation [120 p.]. With 55 Excellent Diagrams. Contents: Astrological Diagram Interpretation of Biblical Genesis; Longitude & Latitude; Ecliptic; Tree; Transits; Plotting Stock Charts; Diagrams Of Earth, Heavens & Cosmos; The Node Man; Leaf Forms & Astrological Chart; Human Form & Chart; Astrological Calculator Diagrams; Biblical Interpretation; Noah's Ark; Zodiacal Diagrams; Ellipses.  

George Bayer (1942): The Egg Of Columbus or The Hidden Movements in Stocks & Commodities Markets. “The matter dealt with in this work is the hardest and most difficult subject anyone could touch. It attempts to explain the ways to make money in markets by the use of strange, natural, but true cycles. One old Greek text in my possession used 18 pages to cover the laws. And I try to condense the job down to the same size.” Includes 4 Charts & Diagrams.

George Bayer (
1937): "Money" Investing in Stocks, Trading In Commodities, Or The Time Factors In The Stock Market [73p.] Foldout Chart & Numerous Diagrams & Charts. This is one of Bayer's rare early courses containing the most detailed presentation of the method of applying the ellipse and astrological principles to the markets. Contents: Philosophical Thoughts; What Do We Mean By Time?; About Religions; Motions In The Universe; Some Fundamentals Of Astronomy; Extension Of Astronomic Laws; The Stock Market, One Of The Minute Wheels Of The Universe; "Quack, Quack" About The Market; Biblical Interpretation; Market Vibrations; Mechanical Vs. Teleological Conceptions Of Market; Solar Energetic Forces; Planetary Forces; Astrological Methods & Applications; Gap Indications; Point Of Rotation; Force Intensity; Bayer Ellipse; Quadrature Of The Circle; Ellipse Method #3; Detailed Discussion Of Uses Of Ellipses & Controlling Circles; Construction Of Ellipse In Market; Conic Sections; Astrological Proofs From Bible; Tribes & Time Cycles; Angle Method #4; Method #5: Planetary Influences On Numbers; House Rulerships; Quadrants; Table Of Planetary Numbers; Planetary Stock Numbers; Attraction & Repulsion Of Planets; Detecting The Changes Of Trend By Means Of Critical Degrees; Wheat Examples. Bayer's Services. 

George Bayer (1937): A Complete Course In Astrology, Erection & Interpretation of Horoscopes As Well As For Stocks [37p.]. Numerous Detailed Diagrams This course on the application of astrological principles to the Stock Market. Very rare! Contents: Erection Of A Chart; Placing Planets In A Chart; Calculation Of Mundane Chart; Radix Mirrored Chart; Mundane Mirrored Chart; Progressed Chart; Interpretation Of The 5-Fold Horoscope; Weighing The Aspects; Rectification Of A Chart With Unknown Birthtime; Practical Application Of The Five-Fold Horoscope; Tables Of Planetary Positions; Rotation; Daily Progressions; Latitude & Longitude.