Wednesday, May 31, 2017

SPX vs AstroComposite Projection | June 2017

Upcoming Turn-Days: Jun 06 (Tue), Jun 15 (Thu), Jun 20 (Tue), Jun 28 (Wed).

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

SPX vs Jupiter Stationary Direct │ June 09 (Fri)

 On June 09 (Fri) Jupiter will be stationary direct at 193.22 degrees longitude.

SPX vs Saturn's Geocentric = Heliocentric Longitude │ June 14 (Wed)

On June 14 (Wed) Saturn's geocentric Longitude (264.52 degrees) will equal 
the heliocentric Longitude (264.49 degrees).

Friday, May 26, 2017

Bitcoin Bubble │ Re-Emerging Asian Fever

Source: CryptoCompare BTC/USD Index
Continuing its stellar rise, and adding more than 30% to its value in just a week, on May 25 (Thu) one Bitcoin was worth USD 2,768.32, way over twice as much as one ounce of gold. After crashing more than USD 500 from its intraday highs in less then 9 hours (-18.6%), Bitcoin has bounced back USD 300 off its intraday lows extending gains into what is likely to be another frenetic Asian session. While there are numerous drivers of the recent action, 'scaling' and 'asian fever' are the greatest factors with Japanese and Korean premia exploding.

Bitcoin has risen 170% over the last three months to reach a capitalisation of USD 40 billion according to the CryptoCompare BTC/USD Index, Ethereum too has seen its market capitalisation jump 330% in the past three months to reach USD 20bn according to the CryptoCompare BTC/ETH Index. It is Japan, Korea and Asian interest that is causing the price to rise and dragging up Western prices on the back of regulatory moves as well as scaling. This is the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies:  

Source: CryptoCurrency Market Capitalizations

To date that has mostly meant Bitcoin, but over the last two months Bitcoin’s share of cryptocurrency capitalization has actually plummeted to less than 50%, thanks to the sharp rise of Ethereum and Ripple in particular: 

Source: CryptoCurrency Market Capitalizations

This news is the latest bit of good news for the Bitcoin: 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Revenue Streams of the Five Largest Tech Companies

Source: Visual Capitalist.

History of US Unemployment Rate

Source: Joseph Lavorgna, Deutsche Bank.

Geometry of Infinite Mind | Ernest Emery Richards

Ernest Emery Richards (1990) - All life on Earth has developed under the influence of this geomagnetic field which varies in structure and dynamic properties via geomagnetic pulsations. These pulsations are due to the interaction of the plasma waves coming from throughout the Solar System and Cosmos and interacting with the Earth's magnetosphere.

Solar System and Brainwave Frequencies.

When our brain and body rhythms are measured electromagnetically, they are found to occur prominently within what is termed the ELF (extremely low frequency) spectrum and lower. This brainwave spectrum is also divided into band segments, called the alpha (greatest amplitude)(8 to 16 Hz.), beta (16 to 32 Hz.), theta (4 to 8 Hz.), delta (2 to 4 Hz.), and zeta (1 to 2 Hz.), ranging from 32 cycles per second (Hertz) and down below 1 cps (Hz.).

Earth Frequencies.
The measurable presence of these different frequencies seems to indicate changes in individual consciousness. An example might be that a relaxed, attentive state develops strong alpha wave rhythms; these are also the prominent Earth resonant frequency ranges. The theta rhythms are found to occur during the dream period, and also while experiencing a spontaneous creative, intuitive state. The theta frequencies are seen to have strong lunar rhythm harmonics. The Moon has long been associated with our intuitive, creative capacity.

When calculations are performed related to the solar system and the planets, it is found that all of the planets and most of their moons have frequency aspects which fall within our brainwave spectrum. All of the planetary systems have electromagnetic field structures and prominent magnetospheric frequencies. Our home solar system forms a complex, harmonically interrelating, multi-octave musical instrument composed of over forty octaves of vibrational interplay. Your brain/body structure resonates to those continually fluctuating field patterns as they beat against the Earth's, Moon's, and Sun's natural rhythms.

[...] The Earth sets up a pattern of electromagnetic vibrations between its circumference frequency, around 7.5 Hertz (cycles per second) and its radius frequency of 47 Hertz (Hz.). The atmospheric cavity Schumann Resonance spectrum has been measured via electronic detection instruments. This Schumann Resonance, which occurs within the Earth and its surrounding energy field, has immediate impact upon planetary life-forms. When we measure our own brainwave electromagnetic signals, we see displayed these very same Earth vibrations. Since the Earth is very much alive vibrationally, these electromagnetic signals are continually changing and interacting.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Telepathy on a Global Scale │ Michael Persinger

No more secrets.” (HERE)
Suppose you had access to every person’s brain, and they had access to yours?” asks Dr. Michael Persinger (HERE), cognitive neuroscientist and professor at Laurentian University in Ontario. Dr. Persinger is convinced that this is not only possible but is immanent in the coming future. His pioneering research (HERE) shows a strong correlation between the Earth’s magnetic field and the human brain: Very small changes in the activity of the Earth’s magnetic field due to alterations in solar activity can affect all human beings. These direct effects are primarily upon the subtle but complex electromagnetic fields that interact with everyone’s consciousness due to the marked similarity of the characteristics of our brains and our genetic history. This creates the potential for the function of every person’s brain activity to be changed without their awareness. If Michael Persinger is correct, the Earth’s magnetic field is constantly interfacing with our own brains in such a manner as to influence our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. This interface, however, seems to have another effect: Dr. Persinger’s research seems to indicate that the geomagnetic field can store and transmit all the information of every human brain in history. And if this informational reservoir can be tapped into, there will be no more secrets.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Youth Bulge Options - A Demographic Theory of War | Gunnar Heinsohn

Today approximately 44 percent of the world’s 7.2 billion people are under 24 years old - and 26 percent are under 14. A staggering 82 percent live in less developed regions of the world – primarily sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. Currently, the global median age is 29.2 years, a sharp contrast to Europe, for example, where the median age is 41. Of the 20 states with the lowest median ages worldwide, 18 are in sub-Saharan Africa. The UN predicts that the median age will rise to 42 years by the century’s end, and with it the world’s population will increase to 10.9 billion people. Developing and least developed countries have the highest fertility rates and many are expected to triple in population by 2100. The populations of Burkina Faso, Malawi, Niger, Mali, Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia are predicted to increase by 500%. In these countries demographic pressure is already responsible for food scarcity, water scarcity, malnutrition, and disease. 

The Youth Bulge Theory attempts to explain and to predict social conflict, migration, conquest and war, and was first introduced by the CIA in 1995 (The Demographic Backdrop to Ethnic Conflict: A Geographic Overview). Youth bulge specifically refers to a disproportionate percentage of a state population being between the ages of 15 and 24 years old. But the main point of the Youth Bulge Theory is that an excess in especially young adult male population predictably leads to social unrest, war and terrorism, as the third and fourth sons that find no prestigious positions in their existing societies rationalize their impetus to compete by religion or political ideology. 

In his study Söhne und Weltmacht (Sons and World Power: Terror in the Rise and Fall of Nations; 2003) German genocide expert Gunnar Heinsohn investigated family size in various societies in relation to the frequency of violent conflict since 1500 A.D. He concluded, that the presence of large numbers of young men in nations that have experienced population explosions — all searching for respect, work, sex and meaning — tend to turn into violent countries and become involved in wars. Heinsohn’s demographic materialism is not concerned with the absolute size of populations, but rather with the share of teenagers and young men. If the population under the age of 20 becomes 40% or more compared to the total, society is facing a youth bulge. Serious problems start when families begin to produce three, four or more sons.  Faced with limited resources, the surplus sons' competition for power and prestige does only leave six options: #1 Violent Crime, #2 Civil War, #3 Revolution, #4 Emigration, #5 Genocide, and #6 War of Conquest or Colonization.  
This is a man's world:
Somali surplus sons warming up for option #2.
Youth bulge can be seen as one factor among many in explaining social unrest and uprisings in society. But Heinsohn essentially claims that most historical periods of social unrest are lacking external triggers (such as rapid climatic changes or other catastrophic changes of the environment). Even most genocides can be readily explained as a result of a built-up youth bulge, including European colonialism, 20th-century fascism, the rise of Communism during the Cold War, the Arab Spring, and ongoing conflicts such as in Somalia, South Sudan, Central African Republic or in Mali. Since more than a decade Heinsohn keeps warning Western politicians about the too many angry young men outside the Euro-American world today — above all, too many Muslim young men in the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. He considers them one of the principal threats to the West in the first quarter of the 21st century, and illustrates this also in the recent examples of Afghanistan and Iraq: Since 1950, Iraqi fathers of all ethnic and religious groups have sired, on the average, three to four sons. They produced a youth bulge. Saddam Hussein canalized this youth bulge in the options #4 to #6 (genocide, war of conquest, numerous Iraqis went into exile). Following Saddam's removal from power the competition for positions of power was transformed into a civil war (option #2) that is being driven by a massive wave of sons. It may not be easy to recognize the current violence as a civil war, because the Americans and their allies are fighting on one of the sides. But the fact that this was a civil war would become clear through its continuation once the US at her allies withdraw. The same phenomenon could be seen — according to Heinsohn in Afghanistan (see video clip HERE) where the enormous surplus of sons could never be absorbed, in spite of the recruitment of large numbers of police and military personnel. War would therefore inevitably continue in one way or another even after the withdrawal of Western troops.

Friday, May 5, 2017

SPX vs Jupiter – Saturn Cycle | May 2017

Upcoming Turn-Days: May 13 (Sat), May 24 (Wed), May 31 (Wed), Jun 08 (Thu).

SPX vs 24th Harmonic of Mercury's Right Ascension | May 2017

Upcoming Turn-Days:
May 12 (Fri), May 17 (Wed), May 21 (Sun), May 24 (Wed), May 27 (Sat), May 30 (Tue), Jun 02 (Fri).

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

SPX vs Cosmic Cluster Days | May 2017

Upcoming Cosmic Cluster Days (CCDs) are: 
May 02 (Tue), May 08 (Mon), May 12 (Fri), May 16 (Tue), May 25 (Thu), Jun 01 (Thu).
Previous CCDs HERE

Monday, May 1, 2017

SPX vs Declination of Mercury and Venus Parallel | May 2017

No Mercury-Venus parallels this month.
However, the Mercury declination high on May 09 (Tue) is a potential market turn day.