Saturday, June 16, 2018

S&P 500 Index vs 18.61 Year Nodal Cycle

The Nutation Cycle is caused by a very slight elliptical nodding of the Earth's axis, which is super-
imposed on the precessional motion due to the pull of the Moon on the Earth. This shows up as the north
node’s retrograde (clockwise) movement around the ecliptic circle, taking 18.6133 tropical years to
complete one cycle of the ecliptic circle from spring equinox to spring equinox.

The Dot, the Line, and the Circle | Study and Application of Rational Procedure

The dot, being most proximate to perfection, is the simplest, and therefore the least imperfect of all symbols. The dot, moving away from self, projects the line; the line becomes the radius of an imaginary circle, and this circle is the circumference of the powers of the central dot.

Hypothetically, every sun has a periphery where its rays end, every human life a periphery where its influence ceases, every human mind a periphery beyond which it cannot function, and every human heart a periphery beyond which it cannot feel. Somewhere there is a limit to the scope of awareness. The circle is the symbol of this limit. It is the symbol of the vanishing point of central energy. The dot symbolizes the cause; the line, the means; and the circle, the end.

Motion away from self brings a decrease in consciousness and power; motion toward self brings a corresponding increase in consciousness and power. The farther the light ray travels from its source the weaker the ray.

The dot, the line, and the circle are the supreme and primary symbols. The dot is spirit and its symbol in the Chaldaic Hebrew – the Yod – is actually a seed or spermatozoon, a little comma with a twisting tail representing the germ of the not-self. In its first manifestation the dot elongates to form the line. The line is a string of dots made up of germ lives – the monadic lives of Leibnitz. From the seed growing in the earth comes the sprig – the line. The line, therefore, is the symbol of the dot in growth or motion. The sun is a great dot, a monad of life, and each of its rays a line – its own active principle in manifestation. The key thought is: The line is the motion of the dot.

The dot, or Sacred Island, is the beginning of existence, whether that of a universe or a man. The dot is the germ raised upon the surface of infinite duration. The potentialities signified by the blank paper are manifested as active potencies through the dot. Thus the limitless Absolute is manifested in a limited way.

Manly P. Hall (1929): Lectures on Ancient Philosophy. An Introduction to the Study and Application of Rational Procedure.

S&P 500 Index vs Mercury and Venus and Moon Declinations | June 2018

Mercury's declination is out of bounds since June 04 (Mon) and reached its maximum together with the
Moon on June 15 (Fri). The Lunar North Node (or Rahu) will follow in June 17 (Sun). The Sun will reach
its annual maximum declination (Summer Solstice) at 23.45 degrees on June 21 (Thu) 06:07 a.m.
The Miles Wilson Walker's Declination Composite will change the trend on June 22 (Fri).
Mercury will be parallel with the Sun on Jun 24 (Sun).

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

FAAMG Stocks Now Greater Market Capitalisation than German GDP

FAAMG stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google) have a combined market capitalisation
of $3.8tn, now greater than Germany's GDP of $3.7tn. But Goldman Sachs thinks there is no bubble and
has a soothing message about techs ruling for more decades. Sources: Bloomberg.

Friday, June 1, 2018

S&P 500 Index vs Inverted 4 Lunar Month Cycle │ June 7 High + June 25 Low

As expected the polarity in the 4 Lunar Month Cycle inverted with the low of the week on the Full
Moon on May 29 (Tue)(HERE). Expect the S&P 500 on June 4 (Mon) to advance higher to around 2,760
before retracing into June 5 (Tue). June 6 (Wed) should be straight up into the close. June 7 (Thu)
(MOO 000 NEP + MOO @ 24 PIS - HERE) should advance further to a major high around 2,790 before a
throw-over and swing down first into the Super New Moon around June 13-14 (Wed-Thu - MOO @ 14 CAN
on Jun 15 HERE) and then into major lows on June 25 (Mon) and July 9 (Mon).

S&P 500 Index vs Jupiter – Saturn Cycle | June 2018

Recent and upcoming turn-days:
May 30 (Wed), Jun 04 (Mon), Jun 09 (Sat), Jun 10 (Sun), Jun 11 (Mon), Jun 15 (Fri), 
Jun 20 (Wed), Jun 23 (Sat), Jun 26 (Tue), Jun 29 (Fri), Jul 03 (Tue), Jul 08 (Sun).
Previous turn-days HERE