Sunday, March 11, 2018

S&P 500 Index vs 4 Lunar Month Cycle

The Delta Inversion Time Window opened with the Full Moon on March 01st (Thu), and currently suggests the following: The Intermediate Term Delta rotation inverted (compared to 4 lunar months earlier - details HERE) with the #1 Low on Friday, March 2nd, and a #2 High on Tuesday, March 13th. Then a #3 Low between Wednesday, March 28 and Monday, April 2 are likely (see also HERE). After a brief recovery (#4 High) another low in mid-April should be followed by new all-time-highs into May-June. If this inversion isn't done yet, we would only see some brief sideways-to-down movement into Tuesday, March 13th, followed by a further advance into the end of the month or early April, and another brief correction before new higher highs. Time will tell.

S&P 500 and DJI just forming congestion triangles while NDX keeps surging to new all-time-highs (HERE)? Next week is populated with contradicting solunar events and stock markets may simply chop side-ways-to-down into the New Moon (HERE)