Monday, August 6, 2012

STD Red Week (August 6 - 10)

For previous Short-Term-Delta Red Weeks in the S&P 500 see also HERE

STD Red Weeks oftentimes are trenders from Tuesday open to Friday open.  Monday and Friday often reverse the Tuesday - Thursday trend. This is the STD Red Week's pattern:

Alex Roslin's - COTs Timer (Aug 4)
Smart Money Commercial Hedgers dump S&P 500, COT signal flips to bearish

David Hickson - Hurst cycles (Aug 4)
We are expecting the 80-day cycle peak to form in the US markets soon, after which there will be a fall into the 80-day cycle trough which is expected in late August.
[Hurst triad] lines are presently projecting a target for the peak of 1400-1420.

Mike Burk - Seasonality (Aug 4)
As measured by the S&P 500 August has been, by far, the strongest month of the 4th year of the Presidential Cycle. I expect the major averages to be higher on Friday August 10 than they were on Friday August 3.
The Nasdaq 100 ETF (QQQ) broke above resistance from the July highs
and remains in an uptrend, but a spinning top formed on Friday.
These candlesticks show indecision and the prior two foreshadowed
pullbacks within the uptrend [Arthur Hill]