Thursday, August 9, 2012

SPX vs George Bayer's Rule #40 - Latitude of Venus

* = latitude in heliocentric ecliptical coordinates
This rule is intended to make you find the very small moves in Wheat lasting only a few days.
However, since we nearly always have to do with bottoms, tops, and gaps-either one and the changes explained here come one after the other, we must be in a position to watch the actual performance of Wheat at very close distance.

We turn to page 167 and up in the Nautical Almanac of the year 1937 or to page 187 in the year 1940. In the center of the page we have our column; Heliocentric Latitude of Venus.

We note the values vibrate between 3°23 and 0°, going from plus to minus to both extremes. 0° is the center of the vibration.

I have discovered that the following values within this vibration give changes, on the plus side as well as on the minus side. They miss occasionally one of the values, but, as said, we must be at the board to watch the sales and prices. My notes say: there are 17 values in the entire cycle movement, 8 on each side of the zero point. In my tests I found that one miss occurs (i.e. nothing happens) in one entire cycle.

Here is the rule: Changes of trend for minor moves occur at the following Latitude points of Venus when Venus passes over it;
0°00’ =       0.000 degrees
0°13’ = +/- 0.217 degrees
1°50’ = +/- 1.833 degrees
2°17’ = +/- 2.283 degrees
2°30’ = +/- 2.500 degrees
3°00’ = +/- 3.000 degrees
3°17’ = +/- 3.283 degrees
3°23’ = +/- 3.383 degrees
[George Bayer (1940): Stock and Commodity Traders´ Hand-Book of Trend Determination. Carmel, California; p. 42]