Thursday, August 9, 2012

SPX vs George Bayer's Rule #38 - Latitude of Mercury

* = latitude in heliocentric ecliptical coordinates
In the present rule we shall use the heliocentric Latitude of Mercury ... There are four values in this line which bring forth changes of trend. These values are:

0°00'  =      0.00 degrees
3°21'  =
+/- 3.35 degrees
6°42'  =
+/- 6.70 degrees, and 
7°00’ =
+/- 7.00 degrees

The inside values are effective on either side, on the way up also on the way down.

Some mighty fine tops and bottoms are produced when Mercury in this motion passes the above mentioned degrees. Check them on past or recent performance and you will say yes, it is so.

... During 1938, especially during the first half of the year practically all the changes registered on this one rule alone.
[George Bayer (1940): Stock and Commodity Traders´ Hand-Book of Trend Determination. Carmel, California; p. 41]