Friday, June 26, 2015

SPX vs Planetary Returns

May 22, 2013 was an intermediate high in the SPX when Mercury was at 13°57' Gemini. This is the Anchor- and Mirror-Point of this projection.
This excellent timing technique of Planetary Returns is explained in detail HERE.
This works with all planets - geocentric and heliocentric alike - and in all markets (currencies, commodities, stocks).
Here the Anchor- and Mirrorpoint is a low in the SPX at 1,992 on January 6, 2015 when the Moon was at 29°16' Cancer.
Here the 'Proxy Natal Date' for the return-projection is the October 15, 2014 low in the SPX and the projector is the cycle of Venus.
The techniques of Planetary Returns and Planetary Stepping from market highs and lows are especially hyped by Bradley F. Cowan.
Calculated and charted with
Timing Solution.