Tuesday, June 9, 2015

US GNP vs North Node | Projection into 2025

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One of the most important US cycles is that of the Moon's Node. The Nodal cycle does not involve a cycle between two planets, but rather a cycle through the zodiac, a cycle which the 1930s astrologer Louise McWhirter found had a powerful and persistent correlation with the American economy. Her research showed that many recessions in the US can be explained and predicted by the cycle, and so it is an invaluable guide to US economic activity.

[…] Taking the period from 1889 to 1988, we note the change in GNP at each point in the 18.6 year Node cycle. By repeating this over each occurrence of the cycle in the data and averaging the result for each position of the Node, we get the graph shown here.

[…] The Node cycle acts very strongly on the US economy, giving a swing of plus or minus 3% per cent in annual growth over the cycle. This is a graph of GNP, not of annual change, so that when the graph is falling there is a contraction in the economy and when it rises the economy is growing.” [Source: Graham Bates & Jane Chrzanowska Bowles (1994): Money & the Markets - An Astrological Guide;  p. 60-61].

Malcolm C. Rorty (1922) - The Forces of the Business Cycle.