Wednesday, June 24, 2015

US Stocks May Double into 2017 | Martin Armstrong

This is in line with the Lunar Node Projection for the US-Economy:
Martin Armstrong (06/18/2015) - 18,500 [in the DJIA] has capped the US stock market for right now, so we're not breaking out. We'll get through that. The next level is 23,000 [after a consolidation in fall 2015]. If we get through that area ... then you're looking at the final phase transition that will probably take us into 2017 where, yes, the stock market can double.

[...] With bond yields pushed down to all-time lows, bond prices are now at all-time highs. As rates eventually start to move up, large investors will try to prevent losses by shifting into other areas with US assets, particularly stocks and real estate, serving as the most likely destination.