Wednesday, June 17, 2015

George Lindsay Projection: Major Stock Market High early September

Measured from the major stock market low on October 15, 2014 (#10), a the major high of this cycle is ideally due on September 10th (#23). This is about when Sun 120° Pluto (Sep 5), Venus going direct (Sep 6), Moon at 14° Cancer and Mars 120° Uranus (Sep 8) - all of them important astro-events, that frequently go along with major market turns (Sep 7-8 = CCDs and Sep 9-10 = SoLunar CITs). #23 is normally ensued by a retracement down to #28, approximately at the level of #10 (1,820). However, Carl Futia remarked already: "Lindsay's methods have not worked very well during this 6+ year bull market. The driving force behind the advance has been the QE policies of central banks, not any natural rhythm." (see e.g. the shallow #23 to #28-retracement in the previous 3PDH-cycle). 

'Selected Articles of the Late George Lindsay (1965-1983)'