Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Theory of Astrology | L. Edward Johndro

In the 1930s electrical engineer and astrologer L. Edward Johndro (1882-1951) and astrologer Charles Jayne (1911-1985) simultaneously contributed to the development of the GEM Theory (Gravity, Electrical, Magnetism). In 1929 Johndro presented his Theory of Astrology as follows:

“Tesla demonstrated years ago that the earth is at a relatively constant electrical potential or charge of some seven million volts. It may now be accepted that all material bodies are in a state of relative charge, negative or positive, with respect to each other - man, atoms, earth, planets and stars, and that this manifests as love, cohesion, magnetism or gravitation, or their wholly illusionary opposite (repulse), according as the law manifests in a magnitude series ranging from the microcosm to the macrocosm.

[...] We cannot escape the fact that the earth is a charged body at a potential of millions or volts, nor can we easily escape the conclusion that the other planets are in a state of high charge. While that man is a charged body, with an accompanying electromagnetic field, is easily demonstrated by countless experiments [...] Suns and stars (not planets) are radioactive [...] they emit electromagnetic waves which, because of their exceedingly high frequency, we term light [...] The sun and stars, the planets, the earth, and man upon the earth are charged bodies, and that all their accompanying electromagnetic fields intersect and interact.

[...] The planets reflect light waves and they each, have a different natural frequency of oscillatory response to the solar and stellar light waves which constantly bombard them (consequently their reflected light is variously tinted) and that the phase angles of their field couplings, as their relative movements in space change them, changes the power factor at these frequencies; accept also the fact that these planetary frequencies, being of a far lower order than those of the sun and stars-a mere octave of lower harmonics, since they emit no light of their own, are within the range of man's sensibilities to subconsciously detect and respond to

[...] The solar waves continually directly bombard half the earth [...] they are also reflected to the earth by the Moon and planets [...] These waves constantly interact with the earth's electromagnetic field [...] as the inductive couplings of the earth, sun and planets change their mutual angular relations in space.

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Earth each
have a surrounding interactive sphere. These spheres have magnetic poles. At the magnetic
poles there can be auroral ovals. One auroral oval sits above the attracting magnetically
negative pole and the other above the discharging magnetically positive pole. The discharge
travels through open space. It follows the path of least resistance and greatest attraction
to cover vast distances while creating continuous waves in the yielding dark and cold medium
of interplanetary space. The discharge energy from a planet is drawn in by Earth’s magnetic field
and enters Earth’s environmental sphere. Some energy is visible light. Some become

quarks and hadrons and neutrons and protons, and hydrogen atoms a universal building block
that interacts with the nitrogen rich atoms of Earth’s atmospheric environment. Electron
beams from interplanetary space hit Earth along a ring shaped oval where cathode rays
interact with high speed electrons. This creates an electrical discharge powered by the
solar wind that interacts with the magnetosphere. Solar wind and the effects of solar
discharges upon the solar wind create a pressurizing mechanism for the continuous auroral
flow at the negative (incoming) pole that will contain travelling matter and unique
signatures from all of the planets in our solar system. On Earth, the planetary discharges
arrive channelled by the magnetic field and are drawn through the negative auroral oval and
through electromagnetic commonality and through biophysical processes are acted upon
by human beings.