Saturday, July 21, 2018

S&P 500 Index vs Lunar Year Cycle | Blood Moon Eclipse on July 27

The total phase of the "blood moon" eclipse on July 27 (Fri) will last 1 hour and 43 minutes and will be
the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century. During the eclipse the Moon will turn into a
spectacular red whilst the red planet Mars reaches opposition to the Sun on the very same day. Mars will
appear brightest in the night sky from July 27 (Fri) to July 30 (Mon), and its closest approach to Earth
will occur on July 31 (Tue). The wobble periods of the Moon during lunar and solar eclipses usually
coincide with major highs and lows in financial markets, and the Lunar Year Cycle (354.36 Calendar Days)
projects a low in the S&P 500 to August 8 (Wed) which is also 181 Calendar Days (or 184.74 solar degrees)
away from the major low in stocks on February 8 (Thu), 2018. 
July 23-24 (Mon-Tue) Low and upturn, July 27 (Fri) High, and August 8 (Wed) Low in the S&P 500?
Major Celestial Phenomena during late July and early August 2018.
Source: NAO of Japan