Sunday, December 13, 2015

SPX vs Sun - Jupiter Cycle

The Sun square Jupiter on Monday morning 09:55 should help the market to stay positive for the day. Last Friday was a minor Bradley turn-day,
and the solunar bias as well as the 4 Lunar Month Cycle are both up on Monday, and down from Tuesday into Friday. There is little doubt about
the FOMC announcing higher rates on Wednesday. However, on Wednesday morning 02:09 the Sun will pass a sensitive degree on the NYSE Natal-
Chart at 24° Sagittarius. Dec 15, 17 and 18 are Cosmic cluster Days. Given the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle bottoms the same day, options expiration
Friday in this average-seasonally bullish week should finally be up. Another week with high volatility and choppiness should be expected.
Here's another interesting detail: Since 1990 when the SPX has closed lower by more than 1.5% on a Friday, Monday saw a lower low on an
intraday basis 86 of 90 times (HERE) Calculated and charted with
Timing Solution