Thursday, November 5, 2015

German DAX vs Inverted 4 Lunar Month Cycle

However, the Nasdaq dropped only by -0.1% or -2.65 points on Nov 4 (Wed) while the RASI was still rising, and Thomas Bulkowski
remarks: Since 02/05/1971 the Nasdaq made 541 similar moves on a percentage basis. After those moves, the next day's: Average
gain was 0.7% on 295 occasions. Average loss was -0.9% on 246 occasions. Expect the index to close higher 54.5% [on Nov 5].
Tekkie Suresh: "Rahu getting involved with Venus and Mars, points to a trough around November mid month, Should see  a recovery thereafter."
Jeff Hirsch (Nov 3, 2015) - In the most recent 21-year period spanning 1994 to 2014, November opens strong, peaks around the fourth
trading day, trades lower till the eighth trading day, bounces mid-month, moves sideway to down during the week before Thanksgiving
then higher to close out the month with gains ranging from just under 1.5% for Russell 2000 to over 2% for DJIA.