Sunday, July 15, 2012

STD Green Week (July 16-20)

This week is a STD Green Week, since Monday, July 16th, and Friday, July 20th, are STD Green Days (HERE).  Green Weeks are usually directional. However, this one might see the high of the week as early as by the end of Tuesday.

The pattern on Monday, July 16, is expected to mimic last Thursday. Tuesday is a potential STD-inversion-day. On the intermediate-term Delta-scale (ITD), we expect a rally into July 18 +/-  =  ITD #8 HIGH  = MTD #2). As outlined HERE + HERE already, ITD #8 is likely to stay below the July 3-5 ITD #6 HIGH

The 4 Year Lunar Cycle suggests that this high will be followed by the immediate decline into late July-early August (= 180 TD LOW = 40 Week Cycle LOW  = 9 Month Cycle LOW) as the start of a multi-month decline. The 40 Year Cycle points to a high above the April-May highs. 

We already pointed to Mars opposing Uranus on July 18 HERE + HERE, and  since this is also a New Moon day, that day serves best as the week's major CIT.