Thursday, July 12, 2012

Backtesting the Mars-Uranus Crash Cycle

We'll concentrate purely on the opposition aspect [ = geocentric MAR 180° URA on July 18th - see also HERE ] ... On the weekly Chart 1 of the S&P 500 the Mars opposed Uranus aspects are marked with red bars. And it's immediately obvious that the aspect does NOT necessarily provoke a market crash. Of the 7 instances marked on the chart, only 2 turned up near important Highs, 4 of them occurred nearby important Lows. What gets some astrologers overly-excited, is that it was one of the aspects in effect at the start of the Great Crash.  

Chart 2 shows the Dow Jones Industrials from the late 1920s to early 1970s - and one can see why the arrival of Mars opposed to Uranus sets the alarm bells ringing. The aspect does have an overall tendency to occur very nearby the start of some very bad crash cycles. 

But, it's not a certainty, as we can see in Chart 3, which covers the Great Sideways Shuffle period in the DJIA from the early 60s to early 80s.