Saturday, July 29, 2017

SPX vs True Lunar Node Speed │ August 2017

Upcoming Turn-Days: Aug 04 (Fri), Aug 12 (Sat), Aug 16 (Wed), Aug 19 (Sat), Aug 28 (Mon), Sep 02 (Sat).

Lunar Eclipses (e.g. Aug 07, 2017) occur at Full Moon and Solar Eclipses (e.g. Aug 21, 2017) at New Moon only when their alignments occur in three dimensions. Relative to Earth's orbit, the plane of lunar orbit is inclined. Mean Inclination of Lunar Orbit equals 5.1454 degrees. Eclipses only occur near the Nodes of Lunar Orbit intersection with the Solar Orbital Plane. Earth's Mean Orbital Plane is termed the Ecliptic (synonymous with eclipse). There are two nodal crossings of the ecliptic per nodal period, the ascending node and the descending node. Half the nodal period is the shortest possible interval between two eclipses. Solar and Lunar Eclipses are very distinct: The Moon's shadow during a total Solar Eclipse is only a narrow band on the earth. The Earth's conic shadow at the Moon's mean distance is over 9,000 km wide, nearly three lunar diameters. Only a small percentage of people experience each Solar Eclipse while half the world can view each Lunar Eclipse.

Before and after Lunar and Solar Eclipses the True Lunar Node starts wobbling (e.g. on Jul 30, 2017), quickly moving back and forth, retrograde, stationary, direct. Financial markets correlate with this 4 to 14 Day Cycle of the Retrograde-Stationary-Direct motion of the Lunar True Node. About every 86.655 days a so called Moon Wobble (lunar libration) occurs when the Sun is conjunct (e.g. on Aug 16, 2017), opposite and square (0°, 90°, 180°, 270°) the Lunar Node (4 * 86.655 days = 1 Nodical Year or Eclipse Year = 346.62 days). The Node starts wobbling about two weeks before the exact event and remains unstable until about one week after. If coupled with Solar and Lunar Eclipses, the wobble-effect can be extended. And as the Sun approaches conjunction and opposition towards the Lunar Node, it's motion is almost blocked (speed at or near zero). Notably these periods go along with exuberant mood and frenzy, most of the times correlating with rallies or crashes in financial markets. More charts on the correlation of the markets with the Rhythm of the Node HERE + HERE