Friday, July 31, 2015

“Cosmic Causation in Geophysics” - W.D. Gann's Reading List

A reader of this blog recently provided the pdf-softcopy of one of the last three missing titles from W.D. Gann's Reading List: Paul Councel's “Cosmic Causation in Geophysics”. In this 28 page pamphlet of 1945 the author argues that the history of humankind and its future evolution could be plotted by astrological computation: There were “cultural epochs" about 2,160 years long, themselves divisible into recognizable events, and if humans wanted to control the evolution of the earth, and bring it back into cosmic harmony, they would need to follow Mr. Councel's fortean eschatology.

Unlike the title suggests, “Cosmic Causation in Geophysics” has nothing to do with geophysics nor with trading, and is certainly but another incoherent, eclectic and non-relevant trivia in W.D. Gann's long Reading List. Why Mr. Gann advised his students to waste time on such humbug? Didn't he know better?