Monday, June 15, 2015

Hitting the Fan | Deutsche Bank in Pre-Infarct State of Imminent Bankruptcy

On June 7, immediately following Greece’s missed payment to the IMF,
Deutsche Bank’s two CEOs announce their surprise departure from the
company (HERE)
Deutsche Bank is the 12th biggest bank worldwide and harbours USD 75 trillion in derivatives bets — an amount twenty times greater than the German GDP (USD 3.64 trillion in 2014). Deutsche Bank is the world’s largest  holder of derivatives exposure and dwarfs J.P. Morgan’s exposure by USD 5 trillion (HERE). Deutsche Bank - along other global banks - was engaged in a slew of corrupt practices from manipulation of interest rates (for which the firm was fined USD 2.5 billion in April 2015), to tax evasion and money laundering to “mis-selling” of derivatives

If Greece defaults at the end of June, Deutsche Bank will lose 50 to 100 billion Euros in Greek bonds and be caught off-side in its derivatives positions. And there is no government nor institution on earth to bail it out