Monday, July 2, 2012

STD Blue Week (July 2-6)

STD Blue Days are usually choppy and tricky to trade, and STD Blue Weeks are very much the same. Statistically look back, STD Blue Days and STD Blue Weeks are when you'll loose more trades. STD Red and Green days and weeks are much better for trends to work. You may wan't to take advantage of the 4th of July-holiday and go fishing this week. 

Monday - Tuesday, July 2-3, may turn out similar or inverse to Thursday - Friday of last week. Also compare past Blue Week patterns, especially 4 weeks and 4 lunations back.

The current COT-signal is bullish and so is the VIX (see below). 

July 3 is Full Moon; tidal CITs are June 29, July 4 and July 12. On the 4th of July the Earth will be farthest from the Sun (Aphelion).
2012-07-02 (Mon) = Moon @ Max S-Declination
2012-07-02 (Mon) = VEN 120° JUP [helio]
2012-07-03 (Tue) = Full Moon
2012-07-03 (Tue) = VEN 90° SAT [helio]
2012-07-04 (Wed) = Earth @ Aphelion
2012-07-05 (Thu) = MER 180° JUP [helio]
2012-07-06 (Fri) = MER 90° NEP [helio]
2012-07-07 (Sat) = VEN 60° URA [helio]
2012-07-07 (Sat) = MER 120° URA [helio]