Thursday, March 15, 2012

SPX vs Daily Moving Averages

This market is acting too strange: the SPX has advanced relentlessly since December 19, 2011 without any retrace < 1% into the February 29, 2012 high @ 1,378. And what do we get: a shy retrace of 36 points in 3 TD into the March 5.

The 5 DMA crossed the 13 DMA to the downside to find support on the 21 DMA and up we go again: on March 14 the upper resistance of the wedge was broken to the upside!

However, the VIX reversed from below its lower BB line the same day, and ended the day above it, generating an over-all sell signal for the SPX.

March 14 is 144-TD from the August 17, 2011 high. This 144 TD cycle oftentimes produces ST CITs.