Thursday, March 15, 2012

André Barbault's Cyclic Index of Global Tension, Conflict and War

One of the things that all people in all nations care deeply about is war and peace. There was a french astrologer named Henri-Joseph Gouchon who designed a way of plotting planetary activity in a way that reflected times of peace or turbulence in the world. This technique, called, “The Cyclic Index,” was first publicized by astrologer, André Barbault.

André Barbault's Cyclic Index of Global Tension, Conflict and War is comprised of the degree distances of all planets between Jupiter and Pluto. That is, Jupiter to Saturn; Jupiter to Uranus; Jupiter to Neptune; Jupiter to Pluto; Saturn to Uranus; Saturn to Neptune, etc. In any given year, all degree distances are measured and totaled. You do that for every year involved. Use any date in the year but use that date for every year that’s done. In other words, if the first year begins using January 1st, use January 1st for all years.

When the graph is at its low point, there are one or more conjunctions between any planets from Jupiter to Pluto. Conjunctions tend to focus on turbulence. When the graph ascends, it is telling that we are on the way to a planetary opposition within any two of the five planets involved. The low points most reflect conditions of war and turbulence in the world. Peaks are typically times of peace. (The weakness in the graph is that there is no representation for squares in it and we know that things occasionally break out when there are many squares).The Cyclic Index doesn’t make exact predictions. Rather, it shows the overall climate of world events, especially in terms of war, peace, and the economy.

Between 1953 and 1967, André Barbault was the vice-chairman of the International Center of Astrology.His work there, but also his publications led him to become the leader in the field.In 1967, he undertook the first ever application of computer technology to astrology: "Ordinastral Astroflash" which became an international business, putting André Barbault into the electronic orbit. Since 1967, he has also been the chief editor of the magazine " The Astrologer" published by Editions Traditionnelles.