Monday, June 15, 2015

The Mother of All Problems | Blythe Masters

She increased the derivatives exposure to USD 70 Trillion -
J.P. Morgan's CDS-Guru Blythe Masters:
"Don't Panic. No one's going to get screwed." (HERE & HERE)
Aged 22, smart Blythe Sally Jess Masters joined J.P. Morgan Chase and invented the modern Credit Default Swaps

This not only earned her the title ‘J.P. Morgan's Credit Derivatives Guru’. She was promoted to serve as the bank's Head of Global Credit Portfolio. Finally she ended up being Chief Financial Officer of J.P. Morgan's Investment Bank and Head of Global Commodities (HERE).

Earlier this year Ms. Masters decided to set her sights on the final financial frontier: She is now CEO of Digital Asset Holdings, a Bitcoin-related start-up seeking to streamline financial transactions (HERE).