Saturday, December 1, 2018

Declinations of Sun, Moon and Planets 2019 | Parallels and Extremes

The Parallel Aspect is formed between two planets with the same declination or distance north or south
of the ecliptic. If the planets are both North or both South of the ecliptic, the parallel aspect is
read as a conjunction. If they are the same declination but one is North and one is South, then the
contra-parallel is read as a 180 degree opposition. These aspects are strongest when the orb is kept to
1 degree. They can also magnify the intensity of any other aspect between the two planets or points.
Declination exceeding the extremes of the Sun's declination (= out of bounds = ± 23.27⁰ geocentric
or ±7.15⁰ heliocentric) oftentimes correlates with (mostly minor) changes in trend in  financial
markets (HERE). Daily Declination Ephemerides can be found e.g. HERE

Declinations and Latitudes can be calculated online e.g. HERE