Saturday, January 27, 2018

Cosmic Cluster Days | February - March 2018

 Upcoming Cosmic Cluster Days are:
Jan 29 (Mon), Feb 05 (Mon), Feb 10 (Sat), Feb 15 (Thu), Feb 19 (Mon), Feb 22 (Thu), Feb 28 (Wed), Mar 04 (Sun),
Mar 05 (Mon), Mar 11 (Sun), Mar 12 (Mon), Mar 23 (Fri), Mar 24 (Sat), Apr 13 (Fri).
Previous CCDs are HERE
The assumption is that heliocentric and geocentric angles between planets are related to financial market movements. A signal is triggered when the composite line of all aspects breaks above or below the Cosmic Noise Channel

Review of S&P 500 Index vs Cosmic Cluster Days in January 2018 | Preview for February 2018.