Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nikkei vs 118 CD Cycle

This market is acting strange: the Nikkei has obviously already lost the correlation with the 118 CD Cycle. Possible reasons:

1. The semiannual variation of the geomagnetic field ( 

2. The shift between the Cycle of Moon in Zodiac-Signs and the Cycle of angular Distance between Moon and Sun. The 'artificial' Calendar Days = Mean Solar Days (on which our market-timing models are usually based on) and the astronomical Lunar Days (based on the angular distance between Sun and Moon, see vedic Tithis) are out of phase.

Francis Bussiere noted that the correlation between stock markets and lunar cycle gets skewed every 8 solar months (, that is: every second Intermediate-Term-Delta Cycle.  

If this is the case here again, stock markets may surge into March 22 New Moon and Spring Equinox.

Moon in Capricorn Low near March 15 (Thu)?
Moon 20 degrees to Sun High near March 23 (Fri)?    
Moon in Taurus Low near March 24 (Sat)?
Moon in Leo High near April 1 (Sun)?