Wednesday, June 5, 2013

S&P500 vs Planets out of Bounds

Calculated and charted with Sergey Tarassov's Timing Solution
The planets' declinations exceeding the extremes of the Sun's declination (= ± 23.27 degrees geocentric or ±7.15 degrees heliocentric) often correlate with market turns.  

Astrologer Kt Boehrer was a pioneer in the field of declination studies. She coined the term 'out of bounds' to denote when a planet moved outside the Sun's declination path and into the solar 'no go' area. Apart from the Sun, only Saturn and Neptune never go out of bounds. All other planets - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto - plus the Moon go out of bounds at some point during their cycles. Mercury, Venus, and Mars go out of bounds on a frequent basis. The Moon has an 18.6 year pulsation, divided into approximately 9-year halves. It spends around 9 years within the Sun's path, and then another 9 years making regular excursions outside the solar bounds (see also HERE).