Thursday, November 1, 2012

Update - S&P 500 vs Commercial's Net Positions in Eurodollars 1 Year Ago

Tom McClellan discovered that commercial traders' net positions in Eurodollar futures shifted one year into the future are very likely to forecast the direction of the US stock markets (HERE).  CITs are (+/- 3 TD * ):

10/18/2012 high
11/08/2012 low
11/29/2012 high
12/13/2012 low
01/03/2013 high
02/14/2013 low

* COT-data  is  taken  from  the  close  of business  on  Tuesday  and  then released on the following Friday at 3:30 PM ET for futures only. It is also released twice a month or every other Monday for futures combined with the figures for options.