Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Essence

Proportion is to Space what Rhythm is to Music
In the sight of the Essence, which is one, the universe is like a single being. The essential unity of the world is the most certain of things but also the most hidden: all knowledge and every perception, however adequate or inadequate, presupposes the essential Unity of beings and of things. 

... It may thus be said that man, who is a microcosm, and the universe, which is a macrocosm, are like two mirrors each reflecting the other. On the one hand man only exists in relation to the macrocosm which determines him, and on the other hand man knows the macrocosm, and this means that all the possibilities which are unfolded in the world are principally contained in man’s intellectual essence. This is the meaning of the saying in the Qur'ān: “And He (God) taught Adam all the names (i.e. all the essences of beings and of things)” (2:31) 

Titus Burckhardt (1953): Introduction to Sufi Doctrine, p. 63-64.