Friday, November 27, 2015

Soybeans - Time and Price Near Major Low

Up-swings in the 30 Year Long-Term Commodity Cycle last for about 10 years, down-swings 20 years. Soybeans topped in this cycle in 2012 and
should decline into 2030. On a medium-term scale the average advance lasts 29 months, declines 16 months. Soybeans have been declining 38
months from the top, losing 53% of the value. The swing-chart shows that declines of 50% + are followed by rallies of 80% +. A 7 year
low-to-low cycle also points to January 2016. A likely price target would be 809, the 0.707 Fibonacci retracement level. If this is correct,
Soybeans should move back up to 1,418 +.