Saturday, November 12, 2016

Huge US-Crisis Ahead, Credit Freeze, Bank Runs, Riots | Clif High's Prediction

Clif High's Art of Predictive Linguistics (HERE)
Clif High claims his Web Bot Program would be able to predict future events by tracking keywords entered on the internet. He developed it since 1997, originally to predict stock market trends. His predictive linguistics method is composed of multiple layers of processing. Unlike those recent predictive linguistic applications which read and interpret immediacy data streams such as Twitter Analytics or Google Trends, this method employs algorithms which do not rely on word tense, counts, frequency or relative placement. Unlike deterministic programs (focused at specific 'sites' and word patterns in a deterministic 'hunt') which attempt to be predictive, our processing actually enhances serendipitous discovery of future forecasting linguistic patterns through the use of trained, multiply layered, neural net software technology.

RT (Nov 12, 2016) - Some of the anti-Trump protests in
the US have been organized by groups that were sponsored
by Clinton sympathizer and billionaire George Soros. In
January 2012 Soros predicted riots, police state and class
war for the US (HERE).
The method uses emotional quantifiers and the change of emotional 'tone' (a weighted sum of emotional quantifiers) over time within specific contexts (conversational domains) as the 'mechanism' for the forecast of linguistic elements/structures to appear in the future. Further by weighting additional, more subtle and time based, emotional quantifiers within multiple dimensional array of such, Clif High is able to provide - albeit crudely - a form of 'timing clues' to the approximate point in the future of the appearance of the forecast linguistic structure. A neural net uses a lexicon (data base) of reference values for the words to 'recognize' or 'learn' the current use of the word within the domain/context, and to apply the 'predictive elements' to the multi-dimensional array of (current values) that each word carries through our processing. The key component is the constant 'tuning' of the lexicon base reference values. This is due to the continuous 'time shift' of human natural language, as well as the continuous creation of new language, and the continuous re-association of time elements to current usage of language (see also HERE).

We are currently witnessing the conclusion of a 500 Year Cycle
and the breakdown of the global 'Western' hegemony - a period
similar to the early 16th century in Europe (491 Year Neptune-
Pluto Cycle or 3 Neptune-Uranus Cycles). The early 1500s were
characterized by technological innovation, population growth
and migration, productive and capitalistic expansion, religious
secessionism and wars, regime changes and breakdowns, as well as
by the emergence of new empires and global players (
US President-elect Donald Trump is already lining up a tell-
tale team of Wall Street and Washington insiders as well as
warmongering Neo-Conservatives and sponsors of terrorism 
to fill his cabinet and serve in key positions within his up-
coming administration. He's also openly reneging on his
campaign promises, before even getting into office
There are two types of waves on the 224 Year Cycle – the
Collapsing Wave and the Protracted Wave. It appears that the
USA is in the Collapsing Wave formation meaning that the 224
year runs from the birth to the peak with the total duration
running minimum 296 years with the optimum being 309.6 years
meaning the society splits and does not remain intact. A
Protracted Wave is a society view where the wave is measured
peak to peak totaling 224 years. The second Protracted Wave
formation is where governments come and go, but society
survives and reforms remaining intact. In the Collapsing Wave
structure where it is 224 year from birth to peak, the overall
duration appears to be is 296-309 years
During the past 3,000 years the average life expectancy of
superpowers has been 250 years. All Empire Cycles followed
the same 8-phase pattern, and this pattern along with the
Pluto Cycles indicates that 2015-2022 will be the last 7 years
of the USA as the world superpower (