Saturday, March 3, 2018

S&P 500 Index vs Astronomical Momentum Forecast Model | March 2018

This Astronomical Momentum Forecast Model (AMFM) was inspired by the work of J.H. Weston, W.D. Gann and Chris Carolan. More than 120 years of US-stock market and detrended momentum data derived from a Williams %R oscillator were used, assuming this would reflect the overall sentiment and mass mood during the period. One fundamental concept of mundane astrology considers sentiment and mass mood to be conditioned and modulated by a complex set of nested, overlapping and repeating astronomical cycles, most important solunar cycles. These cycles are ranging from several decades to days and even minutes (Callipic Cycle, Metonic Cycle, Mythraic Cycle, Solar Cycles, Lunar Cycles, Planetary Hours, Muhūrta, etc.). They can be calculated into the past and future and hence be put into practical use. Considering the general nature, pros and cons of market momentum indicators, the AMFM is able to project market sentiment several decades into the future (see also HERE). Of course work on this model is experimental, not perfect and in progress. However, the current model presented here indicated a momentum peak in October 2017, a negative divergence at the January 27 major high, and suggests a decline from there into a major low around mid-March, followed by a rally into early May, a retest of the March-low by mid-June, another rally into early October, and a decline into end of December.