Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Biblical Astrology | George Bayer (1935)

George Bayer was a financial astrologer and trader who made his famous market forecasts during the same time as W. D. Gann in the 1930s. Born in Germany, he moved to the USA just after 1900 to became a successful astrologer and commodity trader. Next to Gann, George Maréchal and Luther James Jensen, George Bayer is one of the most innovative minds in the field of Financial Astrology. He pioneered in applying many astronomical and astrological factors that he discovered also in the Bible to financial markets. "Planets act as beacons on the board of the river of time and attract price", he said, and disclosed his astrological insights without the esoteric veiling that W.D. Gann liked to sophisticate in his Tunnel Through the Air. The following compilation on "Biblical Astrology" from some of George Bayer's 1935-newsletters, exemplify his perplexingly unconventional thinking and inspiring approach: