Saturday, April 8, 2017

Trump in Syria │ Reckless Continuation of Deep State and Swamp Agenda

As the Real Donald increasingly gets in line with former President
Barack Obama’s ziocon, pro-Saudi, strongly fundamentalist-Sunni,
anti-Shiite (especially anti-Iranian), and anti-Russian attitudes,
warmongers and interventionists like CNN's Fareed Zakaria start
cheering for him.
Tony Cartalucci (Apr 7, 2017) - Upward to 60 cruise missiles fired by the US military struck a Syrian military air base near Homs – which currently constitutes the front line between Syrian Arab Army forces and multiple US State Department designated terrorist organizations, including Al Nusra and the self-proclaimed "Islamic State." The strike was allegedly carried out as retaliation for a supposed "chemical weapons attack" near the northern Syrian city of Idlib, which currently serves as the de facto capital of Al Qaeda forces remaining in Syria.

[...] With US policy collapsing both within Syria and around the world, the veneer of partisan politics and convincing narratives used to convince Americans and the world that some sort of legitimate representative government exists in Washington has been peeled away. What is left is a dangerously desperate corporate-financier oligarchy who is pursuing its agenda openly and with little regard to public opinion, international law, or even fear of the consequences of executing such poorly laid plans in front of an increasingly aware and capable alternative "international order".

RT (Apr 7, 2017) - Back in 2013, Donald Trump, who was a real estate mogul and reality TV star before becoming president, strongly and repeatedly opposed then-President Barak Obama’s intention to go into war with Syria after chemical attacks were blamed on Syrian government troops. The escalation was defused at the time when the Syrian government gave up its chemical munitions stockpiles, and Obama backed down. The cost of the strike on the Syrian military airbase, which was ordered without Congressional approval, is estimated to be between USD 30 million and USD 100 million, depending on which modification of the Tomahawk cruise missile was used.

RT (Apr 7, 2017) - Once- dedicated passengers are now disembarking the ‘Trump Train’ following his administration’s actions against Syria. Previous supporters including Paul Joseph Watson and Laura Ingraham made public their opposition to the US president’s missile strike. Infowars Editor-At-Large Watson tweeted that Donald Trump “wasn’t 'Putin’s puppet' after all,” describing him as “another deep state/Neo-Con puppet.”

RusVesna (Apr 7, 2017) -  According to experts, the total damage of the missile strike was no more than 3-5 million US dollars. At the same time, by using not so tricky math, it is clear that for recycling such old Syrian equipment the US Army lost around 90 million US dollars [...] out of the 59 missiles launched, only every fourth reached its target. Only 23 to 26 missiles fell in the vicinity of the Shayrat airfield itself. It is unlikely that these results will please American taxpayers. Despite the beautiful pictures in the media, from a military standpoint  and in the context of damage to the Syrian army’s military infrastructure, the result of this strike is, at best, laughable. From an economic standpoint, in terms of corresponding losses and the damage struck, the American side has a fiasco on its hands.

The Saker (Apr 7, 2017) - So now we finally have the answer to the key question whether Trump was for real of a fake: he has just ordered a cruise missile attack on Syria. Words fail me to express my total disgust with Trump. All I will say is this: this is a moment as crucial as the US/NATO aggression against Yugoslavia in 1999. When that happened, Evgenii Primakov, then Prime Minister of Russia, who was in an aircraft on the way to an official visit to Washington DC, ordered his pilot to turn around. Russia needs to cancel the planned visit of Rex Tillerson to Moscow scheduled for April 11-12. This is not a time for business as usual. There can be no excuses.