Thursday, September 29, 2016

VIX vs Four Lunar Month Cycle

SPY | Neural Network-Forecast | by Alphee Lavoie (HERE)

SPX vs Mercury’s Maximum Elongation East / West + MER 000 SUN

Any Mercury Maximum Elongation (e.g. maximum West on Sep 28, 2016) coincides with increased solar storminess, particularly
within a few days either way of the key points within the cycle. Superior (far side) conjunctions of the Sun and Mercury
(e.g. Oct 27, 2016) are typically indications of bursts of solar activity (solar flares, coronal holes and coronal mass
ejections (CMEs)) some two weeks later, give or take a few days either way.
Elongation of Mercury Calculators e.g. HERE + HERE

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Will they kill Donald Trump to stop him? | The Curse of Tippecanoe

HERE is a look at all the people who have a great deal to lose if Donald Trump becomes president.

Ezra Levant (Sep 21, 2016) - Trump has gone from a 3 per cent chance of winning just a few weeks ago, to a 43 per cent chance of winning now. I don’t have a conspiracy theory. I’m just telling you my fear that Donald Trump could be killed. Because if Trump wins, a lot of people who have billions of dollars at stake will lose.

The Curse of Tippecanoe (also HERE)
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia cut a $25 million dollar cheque to the Clintons for their foundation. So did half of the corrupt Muslim dictatorships in the Persian Gulf. They were buying influence with the next president; they were making an investment that they expect to pay off. What about actual terrorist groups? Hillary Clinton has met with Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood extremist who became the president of Egypt after the American ally, Hosni Mubarak, was toppled. How about China? Or Iran? And those are just foreign enemies. What about the bankers who have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into Clinton pockets over the years? Not just regular bankers, like Goldman Sachs. But what about banker-politicians, like George Soros?

So is this just wild speculation? Just scroll through Twitter or Facebook. Literally thousands of people saying, “assassinate Trump”. With impunity. Not just impunity — encouragement. From the mainstream media, from cultural and political leaders. By comparing him to Adolf Hitler. Not just in obscure magazines, but the Washington Post, the New York Times. I hope I’m wrong. If Trump loses the election fair and square, great. If he wins, great — I hope he does. But I am truly worried about a transformative, populist leader being stopped by a bullet or a bomb (see also HERE).

Trump is headed for a win, says Allan Lichtman, a distinguished professor
of history at American University, who has predicted 30 years of presidential
outcomes correctly (HERE)
Martin Armstrong (Sep 25, 2016): The weekly White House Watch telephone survey by Rasmussen Reports finds Trump with 44% support among Likely U.S. Voters to Clinton’s 39%. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson earns eight percent (8%) of the vote, while Green Party nominee Jill Stein holds steady at two percent (2%). Three percent (3%) like some other candidate, and five percent (5%) are still undecided. It is still entirely possible given the debate tomorrow night that Trump could get maybe the highest percent of the popular vote than any Republican in history. When it comes to terrorism, Trump is trusted above Hillary. Certainly, a Trump victory would be the most interesting for the NY bankers will be start shaking in their boots. They have bought the media, polls, and the Democrats as well as the neoconservative Republicans. They do not own Trump. This may be the most entertaining president in history if he wins.
Alexander Dugin's Guideline on Trump's and Clinton's bloody battle (HERE)

Sandy Jadeja: September 26th Potential Market Crash

Source: Business Insider (Aug 26, 2016)
JFYI: Someone just wrote me stating that In an earlier version of the above Business Insider article
Sandy Jadeja's crash date was not September 26th but the 15th! However, couldn't find the earlier version.
Alphee Lavoie's Neural Network-Forecast for the SPY (inverted correclation - HERE)

SPX vs Mercury Speed | Geocentric + Heliocentric

Friday, September 23, 2016

SPX vs Combustion of Jupiter | September 27 (Tue)

The Vedic concept of combustion is summarized HERE
and calculated with
Timing Solution.
HERE Anand Chiney explains the combustion of Jupiter with various orbs in the example of the Indian NIFTY.

Friday, September 2, 2016

The FOMC-Cycle Pattern of Stock Market Returns

Source: R-bloggers 
Since 1994 the equity premium in the US and in the rest of the world is earned entirely in weeks 0, 2, 4 and 6 in FOMC cycle time, i.e. in time since the last Federal Open Market Committee meeting. This likely reflects a risk premium for news (about monetary policy or the macro economy) coming from the Federal Reserve: 

(1) The FOMC calendar is quite irregular and changes across sub-periods over which our finding is robust. 
(2) Even weeks in FOMC cycle time do not line up with important macro releases. 
(3) Volatility in the federal funds market peaks during even weeks in FOMC cycle time. 
(4) Information processing/decision making within the Fed tends to happen bi-weekly in FOMC cycle time: The bi-weekly cycle is driven mainly by even week observations that follow board meetings of the Board of Governors. 

Furthermore, before 1994, intermeeting target changes were common and disproportionately took place during even weeks in FOMC cycle time. High return weeks do not line up with public information releases from the Federal Reserve or with the frequency of speeches by Fed officials. Systematic informal communication of Federal Reserve officials with the media and the financial sector is a more plausible information transmission mechanism. We discuss the social costs and benefits of this method of communication.  

Source: Anna Cieslak, Adair Morse, Annette Vissing-Jorgensen (June 12, 2016) - Stock Returns Over the FOMC Cycle. Duke University; 63 p. (HERE + HERE)

The Economist (Sep 3, 2016) - Meetings of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), in which Fed governors and regional Fed presidents set interest-rate policy, can trigger rises and falls in the stockmarket [...] Usually every fortnight between FOMC meetings, fresh information is discussed in a gathering of Fed governors [...] gains in the stockmarket have occurred, on average, in the weeks of the FOMC meetings and the ones that involve the governors alone. A dollar invested only during those weeks would have grown more than 12-fold over the period. A dollar invested during other weeks would have lost half its value.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

SPX vs Presidential + Decennial + Annual Cycles | September 2016

September is the only month to show more losing months than winning months
over the past 66 years. It also sports the largest average loss (-0.68%).
October actually has a decent track record (up 41 times - or 62% of the
time - down 25 times, with an average gain of +0.80%). However, this
record is tainted somewhat as many investors - not entirely incorrectly -
have come to refer to October as "Crash Month". To wit, 1929, 1930, 1932,
1933, 1937, 1941, 1978, 1979, 1987, 1997 and 2008 all witnessed sharp
declines in the stock market during the month of October.


SPX vs Jack Gillen’s Sensitive Degrees of the Sun | September 2016

"The Sun's position by itself in relation to the stock market can show you trends that are more or less active for each year, as the sun degrees
are generally fixed. They fall on about the same date every year. So this is why some periods of the year would be more of a pattern."
Jack Gillen (1979): The Key to Speculation on the New York Stock Exchange.
Upcoming turn-days (EDT):
Aug 09 (Tue) 23:50, Sep 01 (Thu) 19:58, Sep 03 (Sat) 21:30, Sep 04 (Sun) 22:15, Sep 20 (Tue) 08:07, Sep 24 (Sat) 10:13, Oct 06 (Thu) 15:05.

See also HERE

SPX vs Sunspots | 36 - 48 Hour Forecast

Current Solar Data from NOAA (HERE + HERE)
The number  of sunspots in existence at any one time is continually subject to change as some disappear and new ones emerge. As the sun
rotates on its own axis, these sunspots are visible at 27-day intervals, the approximate period required for the sun to make one complete
rotation. The 27-day sunspot cycle causes variations in the ionization density of the layers on a day-to-day basis.

SPX vs Astrometric Indicator | September 2016

Upcoming turn-days:
Sep 01 (Thu), Sep 03 (Sat), Sep 04 (Sun), Sep 05 (Mon), Sep 07 (Wed), Sep 12 (Mon), Sep 15 (Thu), Sep 16 (Fri), Sep 17 (Sat), Sep 20 (Tue),
Sep 26 (Mon), Oct 01 (Sat).

SPX vs Jupiter – Saturn Cycle | September 2016

Upcoming turn-days:
Aug 25 (Thu), Sep 02 (Fri), Sep 08 (Thu), Sep 19 (Mon), Sep 29 (Thu), Oct 06 (Thu).

SPX vs SoLunar Map | September 2016

Upcoming soLunar turn-days:
Aug 29 (Mon), Sep 01 (Thu), Sep 05 (Mon), Sep 09 (Fri), Sep 13 (Tue), Sep 17 (Sat), Sep 20 (Tue), Sep 23 (Fri),
Sep 27 (Tue), Oct 01 (Sat), Oct 05 (Wed).

Previous SoLunar Maps

SPX vs Cosmic Cluster Days | September 2016

Upcoming CCDs:
Aug 29 (Mon), Sep 01 (Thu), Sep 04 (Sun), Sep 09 (Fri), Sep 15 (Thu), Sep 17 (Sat), Sep 27 (Tue), Oct 06 (Thu)
. (Thu).
Previous CCDs are