Saturday, August 27, 2016

Génération Identitaire | A Declaration of War against the '68ers'

Today, August 27th,  the German Identitarian movement launched a
spectacular media coup, occupying the Brandenburger Tor in the
center of Berlin, and flashing a banner that read:
"Save Borders - Save Future." (HERE)
The Identitarian movement in Germany has been concerned with the Merkel regime abolishing democracy and rule of law, with the Great Replacement and Islamisation of Europe, and with the ever-increasing government censorship of migrant critical comments online. They claim that before they existed there were no peaceful avenues for patriotic European young people to express their displeasure:Every people has the right to preserve their ethno-cultural identity. Every state preserves its sovereignty only by controlling its borders and choosing who may enter the country and who may not”. Rejecting the rule of lie of the globalist European establishment, the Identitarian movement is introducing new tactics and ideas into the infowar in order to build the "frontline" of a European reconquista (HERE). The German government has raided several homes in the last few months due to social media posts they claim are anti-migrant, and sentenced many to fines and prison time. Earlier in August the German domestic intelligence agency officially confirmed that it is spying on the movement.

"On est chez nous!" Martin Sellner, co-founder of the Austrian Generation
Identitaire Movement, in Paris, May 28, 2016 (in French HERE + HERE)
The Identitarian movement is a pan-European socio-political movement that started in France in 2002 as a far-right youth movement deriving from the French Nouvelle Droite. It has taken on its own identity and is largely classed as a separate entity altogether with the intent of spreading across Europe. Génération Identitaire is upset that their future has been looted by the socialist baby-boomers' generation, by the Kouchners and Hollandes out of control spending, their misuse and extravagance. They blame them for having flooded France with Muslim immigrants, for wrecking the economy, the state, the people, their culture and nation altogether (HERE + HERE). 

The European 'Migrant Crisis' implemented by the multi-criminal Merkel Regime:
YEAR ON (a must see HERE)
In 2013 Markus Willinger, born in 1992, who grew up in Schärding, Austria and now is a student of history and political science at the University of Stuttgart, Germany wrote a manifesto entitled 'Generation Identity: A Declaration of War Against the '68ers'. The book is considered the founding manifesto of the Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs. The movement recently appeared in Germany converging with preexisting circles centering on the magazine Blaue Narzisse. Drawing upon thinkers of the New Right and the Conservative Revolutionary movement, it played a role for the rise of the PEGIDA marches in 2014/15. The financiers behind the movement are "unknown". But the movement perfectly fits into the US' strategy of tension, aiming to castigate the European vassals and competitors by threatening them with false flag terror attacks, stimulated social unrest, engineered ethnic clashes, induced secessionism, civil war, and/or economic breakdown (HERE + HERE)