Monday, June 20, 2016

BeLEAVE in Britain!

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Nigel Farage (Jun 20, 2016) - The decision we face on Thursday is one which is fundamentally about who we are as a nation.

Remain would mean we stay part of a political union that makes the majority of our laws, which is engulfed in a calamitous eurozone crisis, and which has clear ambitions for further, deeper integration – including plans for a full EU army.

Leaving would mean that we would be taking back control. That those we elect as MPs would be the ones who make and decide our laws, rather than a bunch of unelected old men in Brussels who most people cannot name and who we cannot vote for or remove. Leaving the European Union would revitalise our democracy and mean that the big decisions were made by us instead of for us. I believe we're big enough and good enough to govern our own country.

The fact is that the European Union is a hopelessly outdated, stagnant, failed project. It is inwards looking in a global world, painfully ill-equipped to deal with the realities of the globalised world we now find ourselves in. Just look at how the EU has gone from one disaster to another, including a Eurozone crisis that has been the cause of huge amounts of human misery.

[...] This decision is a defining moment in the history of our country. I hope that we vote to Leave and to take our place on the world stage as a country focused on the wider, global picture, free and able to act in our own national interest. On Thursday, vote to leave the EU and let's make 23 June our Independence Day. 

Markets have fixated for the past week on whether Britain is about to vote to leave the European Union. Sterling,
the euro, gold, global shares and even the yen have had synchronized swings as the prospects of such a “Brexit”
rise and fall ahead of Thursday’s referendum. Markets Ignore the ‘Brexit’ Worst-Case Scenario: A Sterling Crisis.
Source: WSJ