Thursday, March 3, 2016

SPX vs True Lunar Node's Speed + Longitude | March 2016

The physical wobbling and shaking of the Moon in its orbit around the Earth and the Sun is caused by
square angles and conjunctions in longitude and declination to the Sun and the Earth. Around Solar and
Lunar Eclipses the Lunar Nodes perform rapid direct (speed above zero), retrograde (below zero) and
near-standstill movements (at and very close around zero)(blue shaded time frame) while financial markets
commonly produce sentiment extremes and high volatility.

Additionally to the phenomenon of the Eclipses, in a period of +/- 2 weeks around the Equinoxes, when
the Earth crosses the Ecliptic from south to north (spring) and vice versa (fall), the geomagnetic activity
is relatively strong, though changing and most unpredictable, since in this season solar emissions are hitting
parts of both hemispheres and are unbalanced. This is when many astronomical and astrological indicators and
signals jam, invert or completely fail.
However, today is a Cosmic Cluster Day - the strongest this month - and yesterday, Mar 02 (Wed), the Sun
passed a sensitive degree on the NYSE Natal Chart at 343 degrees longitude (13° of Pisces), a position
associated with some sort of a high in the US-stock market. That said, the average annual seasonality
as well as the bias in the Decennial and Presidential Cycles are positive into the Equinox and the end
of March.