Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Failing by Design - Ukraine Expels Millions of Refugees into the EU

The puppeteer, the stooges. and the traitors.
Mateusz Piskorski | Izvestiya (March 21, 2016) - In 2014 the US-State Department's Victoria "Fuck the EU" Nuland engineered the USD 5 billion Ukrainian 'Euromaidan' to enthrone a fascist, anti-Russian government that completely ruined the country of 45 million people in the months after. Two years later, in March 2016, the Polish parliament is discussing the question of building a wall on the Polish-Ukrainian border. While official Warsaw has rejected this idea, it nevertheless enjoys fairly wide public support, because Ukrainians are leaving their country en-masse.

Today’s Ukraine, as any failed state, is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Ukrainians are already getting “Polish cards” en masse which allegedly indicate that they have Polish origins, on the basis of which they can receive residence permits valid in the Schengen zone. This “service” costs around 2,000 Euros and includes the forging of documents and waiving interviews with the Polish consulate. Thus, under the guise of being “Poles,” the brightest representatives of the Ukrainian nationalist Banderist movement are flooding into Europe. It is not difficult to imagine that a Ukrainian passport can be purchased for a small amount by a citizen of another country, such as a Middle Eastern or Northern African one.

Experts are warning that the next stream of migrants could come to Europe through the Ukrainian corridor. According to official data, on the territory of Poland alone there are now more than 2 million migrant laborers with Ukrainian passports whom local authorities have called refugees in their arguments with the EU. Between January and November 2015,  706,000 Ukrainians received official work permits. In addition to Poland, the migrant wave has also hit Hungary and Czech Republic and is reaching the borders of Germany. The fact that within 3 years of abolishing the visa regime 5 to 8 million Ukrainian immigrants will come to the EU is already starting to sound frightening to Europeans.