Saturday, October 17, 2015

Are 97% Of Climate Scientists Complete Morons?

Looking e.g. at the open minded and innovative scientific findings in H.H. Clayton's excellent World Weather Records of 1923, perfectly illustrates
the intellectual degradation of nowadays mainstream climate sciences, deluded and obsessed by the fraudulent and absurd malthusian ideology
of man-made global warming and the genocidal cult of 'climate protection' (HERE + HERE)
Tony Heller (Oct 16, 2015) - Atmospheric CO2 has risen by 100 parts per million (one part per ten thousand) over the past century [...] Experts claim that this one molecule has heated the other 10,000 molecules up by more than one degree centigrade. In order for one molecule to heat up 10,000 other molecules by 1°C, the effective temperature of that one molecule would have to be 10,000°C – about twice the temperature of the surface of the Sun. Only a complete moron would believe something so ludicrous, which is why they [IPCC] say 97% of [climate] scientists agree on this utter nonsense.

If the name of a single person were to be identified with the birth of paleoclimatology, it would be Vladimir Peter Köppen (1846–1940),
a German-Russian geographer, meteorologist, climatologist and botanist. In 1924 he and his son-in-law Alfred Wegener published a paper
called 'Die Klimate der Geologischen Vorzeit' (The Climates Of The Geological Past) providing crucial support to the astronomical
theory on ice ages of Milutin Milanković (1879-1958).