Monday, February 17, 2014

The Empire, the Abolition of Nation States, and the Loom of a New Dark Age

Today the nations of Europe are serfs of the Euro-
pean Central Bank (ECB), created in 1998 by virtue
of the Maastricht Treaty: This private bank, under
the control of Europe's financial oligarchy, is com-
pletely independent from any European national
government or institution. However, it has the
power to dictate monetary, budgetary, credit and
fiscal policies to all of the “nations” of the
European Union. The Lisbon Treaty extended those
powers to the point that in Europe the nation-state
republic, national sovereignty and hence the very
foundations of citizenship, parliamentary democracy
and constitutional state have ceased to exist alto-
gether. However, it is likely that in the forth-
coming European elections in May 2014 the current
puppet-regime of Greece will be swept away by the
radical left SYRIZA, and that France will be taken
by the right wing Front Nacional. Both will
challenge the agenda of the financial oligarchs
behind Merkel's austerity-junta and the so called
'Troika' of the European Commission, the ECB and
the IMF.
In the absence of any assertion of national sovereignty, control over the world money markets has shifted almost entirely into private hands. A crucial step towards that end was the setting up of the offshore financial centers, beginning in the 1990s. Located primarily in British Crown Colonies, such as the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, and the British Virgin Islands, as well as select other locations like the Dutch Antilles, these oligarchical entities have become the home of thousands of hedge funds, private equity funds, and other unregulated financial activity. The Cayman Islands, alone, is home to over 8,000 hedge funds, and its banking system holds $1.4 trillion in deposits, making it the fourth largest banking center in the world, after the U.S.A., Japan, and Britain. These Anglo-Dutch Empire enclaves operate outside the control of any sovereign government. They are completely unregulated, and their financial records are held in strict secrecy. All of these centers have become the loci of massive drug money laundering and financial speculation. Swarming out of the crevices of these Empire nests, the financial vultures speculate on food, oil, and other resources. They carry out attacks on the currencies of nations, and buy up and dismantle whole chunks of the productive economy around the globe.

In tandem with this creation of the Empire’s offshore financial operations, has come a concerted drive to place control over world trade and key commodities, including food, oil, strategic metals, pharmaceuticals, etc., under the dominance of a relative handful of global corporations, which work in sync with the Empire’s financial centers. In 1968, at a meeting of the Bilderberg Group in Mont Tremblant, Canada, former Lehman Brothers banker George Ball called for the creation of what he called the World Company, a form of Mussolini style corporatism, in which government is the agent for rule by financier run corporate cartels. What we are witnessing here is the rebirth, in modern garb, of the British and Dutch East India Companies. This process began with the corporate mergers and acquisitions of the 1980s and 1990s, much of which were funded by the British offshore financial centers, but what we are seeing today, is no longer merely “corporate takeovers,” but the increasing cartelization of the entire world economy and banking houses, into fewer and fewer private oligarchical hands. For the individuals involved in this scheme, national sovereignty no longer exists. It is, in essence, a global system, of the oligarchy, by the oligarchy, and for the oligarchy, in which governments are reduced to merely the servants of that oligarchy. This is the modern Anglo-Dutch Empire. 

The British Empire policies of genocide and permanent war are now being recreated on a global scale. As nation states disintegrate, chaos and war are the result. This intended result, is then used as the excuse for global imperial wars, some utilizing East India Company style private mercenary armies, and others involving American and European “rapid deployment” and other “special ops” forces, deployed on behalf of the Empire. To accomplish this, the people of the United States and Europe are given a series of “enemy images,” which supposedly represent threats to security, e.g. Libya, Syria, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, North Korea, and even Russia and China. This “enemy image” methodology is no different than the pablum served up to the people of England in the 19th century to justify England’s colonial wars. And of course the real enemy, the Empire, is never mentioned. Even worse, the present existential breakdown of the world financial system, and the threat that nations will respond to this crisis by reasserting national sovereignty, is impelling the Empire to unleash global strategic war, as they did in 1914.

Credits: Robert D. Ingraham (2008): The Modern Anglo-Dutch Empire.