Monday, December 30, 2013

Solar Tides & Markets

Astrophysics & Chaos [Mar 30, 1999]
"The Solar Energy System does affect markets. The Sun gives off radiation which varies by about 2 percent. These variations are caused by tidal forces that the revolving planets exert on the gases in the Sun.

These tides cause vortexes in the Sun’s surface leading to solar flares, coronal holes, and magnetic storms. The energy changes from these are carried to Earth on an ionized stream of particles called the Solar Wind.

When the Solar Wind reaches Earth it is deflected around the Earth by the Earth’s magnetic field. 

This creates a magnetosphere around the Earth. At the poles ionized particles can penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere. Changes in the solar radiation cause changes in the voltage in the ionosphere.

This in turn causes changes in the electrical currents flowing through people standing on the Earth. These emotional swings account for about 40 percent of price motion.

Al Larson a.k.a. Hanns Hannula [extracted from his "Cash in on Chaos Newsletter" @ - more HERE & HERE]

Hans Hannula (1991): A Lunar Chaos Theory; p. 14