Thursday, May 2, 2013

Reject the Collapse | The Alternative is Possible.

The history of the planetary confrontation of East and West in its entirety is reducible to the fundamental dualism of the elements: Earth and water, land and sea. What is called the East, is a single mass of solid land: Russia, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, China and Greater India. Here are the epicenters of civilizations. What is called the West, is one of the world’s hemispheres, where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans are placed, plus the western appendix of Eurasia. The confrontation of sea powers (atlanticist NATO-countries) and land powers (Germany, Russia, Iran, China etc.) is the global truth that lies at the heart of explanation of civilization dualism that constantly generates stress and stimulates the whole process of history. Today the fate of the Anglo-american unipolar globalization largely depends on whether Russia will be sufficiently destabilized and subjected to the globalist oligarchy. Russia is the Heartland and has everything necessary to become the cornerstone and foundation of the next world system. If the new emerging multipolar system of civilizations and big spaces will be able to establish and to defend itself, is currently decided in Russia by Russia and through Russia. Meanwhile the peoples of the world continue suffering from a failed system coming to an end. In fact they are suffering from destructive paradigms of postmodern liberalism that have proved themselves unable to deliver solutions for the challenges of mankind today. Instead a global culture of deception and systemic violence is sustained with never ending and ever more crazy 'humanitarian interventions' and 'anti-terror'-wars along with financial raids against the world's peoples, causing misery and despair. In a world of plenty, the dominant regime cannot adequately feed, educate and house billions of people because the very concept of liberalism is intrinsically selfish, antisocial and ignorant of any spiritual purpose of creation, of men and community per se. However, when instability, uncertainty and unpredictability rule, the demolition of the old order is as obvious as the emergence of the new one is.