Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tramp the Dirt Down

The Romans had a saying, “De mortuis nihil nisi bonum” - say nothing but good things about the dead. It is good advice, but in the face of certain enormous crimes against humanity, it cannot be honored. Such is the case of Margaret Thatcher. She offers one of the most egregious cases in recent history of a sociopath in power.

Margaret Thatcher was a new type of Tory leader, entirely lacking in anything resembling “noblesse oblige”. She was nasty, brutish and short of the class previously thought obligatory in Britain amongst leaders of the ruling elite. She was vulgar, money-worshipping, and blasphemous. She believed the important part of the Biblical story of the “Good Samaritan” was not that he refused to pass by the suffering on the other side of the road but that he had “loadsamoney”. In the infamous sermon on the Mound in Edinburgh addressing the Church of Scotland she opined that there was "no such thing as society … only individuals".

... Upon her election as prime minister (with just 40% of the vote, her position ensured by the treacherous defection from the Labour cause of the rats now squirming on the Liberal-Democrat ship) she set about “transforming” Britain allright. She privatised Britain’s key industries, enriching her friends, and robbing the public of their birthright. When she took over “Financial Services” represented 3% of the British economy; when she left office it was 40%. She destroyed the coal industry, the steel, car, bus and motor-cycle manufacturing, truck and bus-making, ship-building and print-industry, the railway workshops.

When Sir Mark Thatcher was arrested for helping to fund a plot
to overthrow President Teodoro Obiang of the oil-rich African
state of Equatorial Guinea, the spotlight was suddenly back on
the controversial multimillionaire son of the former prime minister
and his dubious business ventures. And the scandal revived an
even more enticing mystery: just how has Mark Thatcher
accumulated his large pot of gold? (
... She destroyed more than a third of Britain’s manufacturing capacity, significantly more than Hitler’s Luftwaffe ever achieved. She did this not just because she prefered the spivs and gamblers in the city -they were her kind of people. But because above all, she hated trades unionism, and was determined to destroy it.

... During the Falklands War, she sent hundreds of young Argentinian conscripts to a watery grave when she shot the Argentine warship the Belgrano in the back – as it was speeding away from the conflict. She mercilessly exploited the sacrifice of them, and our own soldiers sailors and airmen, to save her own political skin. A lot of brave men had to leave their guts on Goose Green to keep Thatcher in power. She pushed her alter ego – the semi-imbecilic US president Ronald Reagan – into Cold War fanaticism and burgeoning expenditure on more and more terrifying weapons – many of them stationed on our soil. She pushed his successor George Bush Sen into the first Iraq War. 

Throughout the 1980s, Thatcher's government backed Iraq during its war
against Iran, funneling weapons and equipment to Saddam Hussein in
contravention of both international law and British policy, all the way
up until Saddam's invasion of Kuwait.
I was there, I saw her lips move, when she described Nelson Mandela as a “common terrorist”. She continued to recognise the genocidal and deposed Pol Pot regime in Cambodia – insisting that Pol Pot was the real and recognised leader of the Cambodians, even as they counted his victims in millions. And she was the author of the policy of military, political, diplomatic and media support of the Afghan obscurantists who became the Taliban and Al Qaeda. She even produced them on the platform of the Tory Party conference, hailing them as “freedom-fighters”.

... I hated her more than I hated anyone – until the mass murderer Tony Blair came along. It would have been utter hypocrisy for me to have remained silent about her crimes today whilst the political class – including New Labour – poured honeyed words, lies actually, over her blood-spattered record. I could not do it. I believe I spoke for millions. The wicked witch is dead. Tramp the dirt down.

George Galloway MP - House of Commons - London

PS: Read also the more detailed outlines of Webster G. Tarpley on Thatcher’s key role in the decline of the West