Saturday, February 9, 2013

Breakout Setups across the Board

Credits: John Hampson
Many commodities are poised for upward thrusts out of large triangles, with equities largely having broken out already.

John Hampson hints to NASA’s current prediction for Sunspot Cycle 24 pointing to a solar peak around September 2013. 

The basic assumption is, that the next solar peak will go along with a secular peak in commodities and stocks. 

"If we look solely at US stock indices, however, it would appear that they just broke upwards out of a range on Friday, which is normally technically bullish. However, the Dax made a similar range breakout in late January only to then reversed it.

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2013-02-03 (Sun) = Third Quarter
2013-02-07 (Thu) = Tidal Force @ MAX
2013-02-07 (Thu) = Moon @ Perigee
2013-02-10 (Sun) = New Moon
2013-02-14 (Thu) = Tidal Force @ Zero
2013-02-17 (Sun) = First Quarter
2013-02-19 (Tue) = Moon @ Apogee
2013-02-19 (Tue) = Tidal Force @ MIN
2013-02-25 (Mon) = Full Moon
2013-02-26 (Tue) = Tidal Force @ Zero
2013-03-04 (Mon) = Third Quarter