Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sun conjunct Galactic Center

In 1932, Karl Jansky, a Bell Telephone Laboratories engineer, was searching for the source of static affecting overseas telephone lines. To detect the source he built a 95 foot radio-telescope. Part of the static turned out to be created by the center of our Galaxy, a huge black hole about the size of a large star containing the mass of four million Suns. The Galactic Center (GC), then at 25°55' of Sagittarius, is the Sun of our Sun, and source of the utmost gravitational energy present in our galaxy. Our Solar System takes approximately 226 million years to revolve around the Galactic Center. In 1969 Edward R. Dewey wrote about the influence of the GC on financial markets (Cycles Magazine, Vol.20.10, p. 230 f. + Vol.20.12, p. 277 f.). According to standard rates of precession, the GC currently resides at 27°01' 57'' of Sagittarius (= 267.032 = Sagittarius A* - pronounced Sagittarius A star; other sources point to 267.031 and 267.024 degrees), and conjuncts with our Sun today (times below GMT).

19.09.2012 13:59   SUN 090 GC
04.11.2012 01:24   SUN 045 GC
18.12.2012 13:15   SUN 000 GC
31.01.2013 18:01   SUN 045 GC
17.03.2013 11:25   SUN 090 GC

However, this is but one among many cosmic events and forces, all together modulating mundane affairs (HERE).