Monday, October 1, 2012

SPX vs Sun & Moon

Around Full-Moon the Earth’s magnetic field is loaded with positive particles because the Moon reflects the Sun’s energy to the Earth. And as humans are negatively loaded (as well as everything on the surface of the Earth), they are influenced by this change and feel repressed. Now Full Moon was on September 29th, and this period is about to end.  However, due to the arrival of a CME from September 27th we are currently amidst a geomagnetic storm (HERE & HERE). When a solar flare or CME happens, it can take up to 2 days to impact the earth. Therefore another drop in the stock markets on Monday should be expected (HERE). Mike Korell's forecasts also points to a low on Monday and the High of the Week on Thursday (HERE). 

Our Delta-Projection of last August had scheduled the ITD #4 Low for this Full Moon (HERE). This is now followed by a STD-Red-Week with a 'Red'-Monday after a down Friday. STD Red Weeks are usually trenders from Tuesday open to Friday open. Hence after a low early this week, a  rally into the ITD #5 High around October 5th-8th is likely. 

So far September 14 remains the High of the Year (180 lunar degrees after the forecasted peak of the 40 Year Cycle) in the SPX, while the S&P 500 Futures and the NDX printed higher highs on September 21 (as predicted). The choppy action since the Fall Equinox is still within the Inversion Time Window (ITW) and In-Between Points (IBP) in the new ITD-rotation are still possible. This - unfortunately - does not yet allow to determine the final Delta-count and the market's direction. 

The major stock indices might be in a rising wedge since last Wednesday. If this is correct, and Monday turns out to be a ST-high (with a LOW am to HIGH pm session), the STD-Red-Week will be inverted, that is from some sort of a high on Monday down into Friday. 

This possibility is supported by the 40 Year Cycle: 1973-02-13 (Tue) High + 14,475 CD = 2012-10-01 (Mon) High = 40 Year Cycle (= SLTD). 

Also the 4 Lunar Year Cycle (= LTD) hints to a down-turn: 2008-11-20 Low + 1416 CD = 2012-10-06 (Sat) Low. If the 1 Lunar Year Cycle (= MTD) is still inverted, this week should be up: 2011-10-18 Low + 354 CD = 2012-10-06 (Sat) High.

The same is true for the  4 Lunation Cycle (= ITD): 2012-06-11 High + 118 CD = 2012-10-07 (Sun) High.