Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Solar Cycle 24 | Global Protest, Rebellion & Revolution

Alexander Chizhevsky divided the eleven year sunspot cycle into four social periods: 

Period I: (approximately 3 years, minimum sunspot activity).  Peace, lack of unity among the masses, election of conservatives, autocratic, minority rule.  
Period II: (approx. 2 years, increasing sunspot activity).  Increasing mass excitability, new leaders rise, new ideas and challenges to the elite.  

Period III: (Approximately 3 years, maximum sunspot activity).  Maximum excitability, election of liberals or radicals, mass demonstrations, riots, revolutions, wars and resolution of most pressing demands.  Right now we are in THIS period.  

Period IV: (Approximately 3 years, decreasing sunspot activity).  Decrease in excitability, masses become apathetic, seek peace.

Chizhevsky did not believe solar disturbances caused discontent as much as they acted as detonators that set off the smoldering discontent of the masses - discontent often channeled into war by their rulers.  Nor did he deny that even during minimum solar activity some people would rebel against intolerable conditions or that nations would seek advantage through war and conquest. Some have since noted that the number of sunspots during any period may not be as significant as whether there is a rapid increase in the numbers, triggering unexpected passions.  

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